6 Roulette Strategies for Roulette Online, Adapt and Survive!

6 Roulette Strategies for Roulette Online, Adapt and Survive!

6 Roulette strategies for you to choose which one suits you the most. Follow the steps for Roulette Online and find out which type of player you are first, then pick the strategy for the game!

6 Roulette Strategies for Roulette Online Game Introduction

Which strategy would come to your mind when we speak of roulette? If you've read about the 5 skills for you in roulette then I think you are already familiar with how roulette is played. There's no certain winning edge among all the strategies and there's certainly no one that is guaranteed to win.

Though we are still exploring the possibility to raise our win rate in playing roulette. We will give you 6 roulette strategies in this article so that you may choose which one suits you the most for roulette online. You need to follow the steps and find out which type of player you are first, then pick the strategy and try it on in the games. If you wish to improve your game, don't miss out.

6 Roulette Strategies for Roulette Online, Adapt and Survive!

Roulette Online Strategy 1:Martingale

Suitable for: Roulette Newbies, Experienced, Pros

Martingale strategy is a common general gambling strategy among all roulette strategies. It can be used in all levels of players. It's a more conservative and steady strategy with a simple concept to follow.

The idea is to double your betting amount when you have lost your last bet. Focus your betting options on only colors, odd/even, or big/small numbers. It's a basic betting amount-adding strategy and it's user-friendly. You may increase your stake without having a risk to suffer severe loss.

Roulette Online Strategy 2:Paroli

Suitable for: Roulette Newbies

Next, we are going to introduce one of the roulette strategies called Paroli. It's the number 1 strategy that's suitable for new gamers of roulette. Paroli, comes from Latin, meaning code. So this strategy may also be called the "code strategy". We place our bet in the process of decoding the game.

While we mentioned decoding, it's rather easy compared to actual coding. There's a phrase that sums up the logic of this strategy. It goes as double your bet while winning, maintain your bet while losing, and return to the original after 3 consecutive wins.

It's a phrase of wisdom because it sets your offense rhythm and it saves your profit with your consecutive wins. So I strongly suggest you follow these steps of the strategy.

Roulette Online Strategy 3:D'Alembert

Suitable for: Roulette Newbies

D'Alembert strategy focuses more on side bets, such as R/B, O/E, and B/S. The purpose of this strategy is to play the game with the smallest risk, so it's not hard to follow. It's easy to execute, just increase one betting unit each time you have lost the previous bet.

Compare to the old betting amount-increasing strategy, D'Alembert is more advanced. The old version tells us to take back one betting unit while we win, while we increase it for the offense. Though no matter whether we increase or decrease, you may choose the one that suits you the most.

Roulette Online Strategy 4:Labouchere

Suitable for: Roulette Experienced, Pros

Labouchere is more like the ones we said that's old fashion, focusing on retreat. It requires us to increase our betting amount while we lost and we need to set a total target to run through the entire procedure.
Say we set the unit betting amount as 10 dollars, then we write down 6 random numbers that sum up in 10, like 1,1,3,2,2,1.

Then the first betting amount will be the left amount plus the right amount, which will be 1+1=2 unit betting amount. If we win, then we move to the second to the left and second to the right number, which is 1+2=3 unit betting amount.

We move on if we win again. If we've lost during this procedure, then we add the number of the right to our current betting amount.

Say our betting amount is 2 units, we add on the number at the right, which is 1, and we got 2+1=3 unit betting amount. This strategy is more suitable for experienced players because it requires the players to be sensitive to the numbers and also the game procedure of roulette.

Roulette Online Strategy 5:Fibonacci

Suitable for: Roulette Pros (Risk management)

When it comes to number sequences, one we must bring up is the Fibonacci sequence. This is the advanced roulette strategy. If you are still a newbie, I would suggest that you use the strategy above which is more user-friendly to put into practice.

Fibonacci's strategy can be seen as a hybrid of the double betting amount and retreat betting skill. It was designed in a betting way to the betting amount is the sum of the two previous rounds.

So we need to record the betting amount within each round. We record the wins and sum them, then we reduce two betting units once we have lost. Remember, to record the betting amount for each unit so that we can execute it properly.

Roulette Online Strategy 6: Andrucci

Suitable for: Roulette Pros (Extremely aggressive)

Now comes the elite strategy. Audrucci may not be the strategy that has the highest win rate, but it could get you more attention with it. According to the poker players, there was once a player who used this strategy and won over 1 million euros in just a couple of weeks. I think you will be interested in how this should be carried out.

This strategy focuses on time flow. The first thing we need to do is to record the result numbers for the first 30 rounds.

Then we examine the numbers that show up the most times and bet on them for the next 15 rounds with the lowest betting amount allowed.

As you all may know, the odds for roulette straight number bet is 1 to 35. This means that we only need to hit the number once to make up for the previous loss and win some extra chips as well.

To some of the advanced players this may not seem to be a mathematical or rational roulette strategy, though when you are lucky, this may help you win the most. The player who won over 1 million euros might be the savior of the galaxy in his last life.

That's all for today. I hope you all get something out of today's article. To be honest, roulette is still a game of luck. What we can do is maximize the factor that can be in our favor the most to increase our win rate. Roulette is a game of class and it calms people down while looking at the small ball spinning on the roulette. Thank you all for today, Have a nice day.

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