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5 Roulette Online Skills to Conquer Online Roulette India

5 Roulette Online Skills to Conquer Online Roulette India

Most players think that roulette online is a game of pure luck. Though there are some betting skills in roulette that you may use instead of pure luck for online roulette India. Read how to play now!

5 Roulette Online Skills Game Introduction

Most players think that roulette online is a game of pure luck. Though there are some betting skills in roulette that you may use instead of pure luck for Online Roulette India.

Today we are going to introduce to you 5 different roulette betting skills so that your win rate may increase rapidly for playing Online Roulette India. Don’t miss out if you wish to profit from playing roulette.

5 Roulette Online Skills to Conquer Online Roulette India

Roulette Online Skill 1:Concepts of Odds and Chance

Gambling may consider a way of investment. So one must learn about the house edge of the game before start playing it.

The edge is calculated by the odds and the chances of a certain result. It’s not only keen to how the game result may turn out, but also how our profit may be. So the first skill is to know the relationship between the odds and the chances

Let’s analyze it. There are 37 numbers in roulette, and the odds of straight number bets are 1 to 35. According to these terms, we know that the longer players played in the game, the more favor it would be in for the house.

On average, the house earns 2 dollars per round if the member bet on 100 dollars each. In other words, players have to risk 37 dollars for 35 dollar reward. This is the result we got from calculating the EV out of it.

Though we don’t need to choose the same betting area and amount in each round. We may adjust it as the game has proceeded so that we can still have a great chance to win.

Roulette Online Skill 2:Double betting Method

The second skill for roulette is a common betting strategy. It can be seen as the first step for players to advance from a newbie. It is called the double-betting method. It’s a betting method for the B/R color section.

It’s not hard to understand the double-betting method. The first step we need to do when we’ve joined a new game is to observe. We wait for at least 5 to 10 rounds before we enter the game.

It’s 50/50 so we need to see which one has shown up more. Do not change the betting color when our previous bet was wrong.

We double the amount of betting in the next round. You may view it as the Martingale or double-betting strategy from the baccarat. Once played with this method, our stake will no doubt increase gradually.

Roulette Online Skill 3:Equal Betting Method

The third skill is equal amount betting. It’s a little similar to the concept of Skill 2. If you wish to execute it well you must have good bankroll management and must bet with an average amount.

Then we pick 20 numbers out of the 337 numbers to bet. As for the way to pick the numbers, one must have the patience to observe and see how the numbers turn up. Then use the equal betting method, then you will profit steadily.

Roulette Online Skill 4:Split Betting Method

All of the goals of our strategy are to increase our win rate no matter which game we are playing.

So how to increase it efficiently has become the common target that we players have been working on together for a long time. So this split betting method is one of the things that can make the target easier to get to.

Since the odds for straight number betting are 1 to 35, the chances of us hitting it must be low. Therefore split betting was built on the concept to spread the risk. Instead of betting on the straight number for the high prize, we choose to bet on the numbers that are next to each other.

It doesn’t matter if you choose the number in a row or a column. As long as you have double your options, the chances of you hitting your target will increase. Therefore even if you win small, you may survive longer.

Roulette Online Skill 5:Column Betting Method

The 5th skill we are introducing here is called the column betting method. A column is a betting option a lot of players take.

There are three columns play may bet on.

First column: 1、4、7、10、13、16、19、22、25、 28、31、34.

Second column: 2、5、8、11、14、17、20、23、26、29、32.

Third column: 3、6、9、12、 15、18、21、24、27、30、33、36.

The odds are 1 to 2.

It’s a rather safe betting strategy as betting is on the banker's side and the odds are 1 to 0.95.

As long as the betting amount is not too big and we remain calm during the bet, we won’t suffer from severe losses. Therefore column betting is a playable thing.

That’s all for today. Compared to other games, roulette is indeed a game that requires more luck than others.

Unlike blackjack or hold 'em, players are capable to optimize the game by taking certain actions. roulette is pretty much set once your bet is placed.

However, if a game is designed by humans, it certainly can be broken by humans. We just have to find the routine and examine every step of our bet. Then improve it to increase our win rate so that we may all enjoy liberty in finance someday.

Thank you for participating and we wish you all a good day.

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