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6 Smart Ways To Use Joker Cards In Online Indian Rummy Game

6 Smart Ways To Use Joker Cards In Online Indian Rummy Game

The joker card in rummy is helpful for players and many players believe it is essential to winning a game. Using a joker card can help you replace the missing card in a set or a sequence. Even though the joker is a crucial part of the game, it carries a value of zero points, making it even better to have in your hand.

6 Ways Use Joker Cards Indian Rummy Game Introduction

Joker is one such card in rummy that brings in a lot of versatility to the game. It's both tricky and useful in rummy. The ability to use joker wisely depends entirely on the skill of the rummy player. Depending on his/ her situation in the game, the player may either use joker for melding or discard too to his/ her advantage.

Joker Cards In Online Indian Rummy Game

The knowledge of using jokers effectively is essential to win the game of online Rummy. The presence of jokers often decides the fate of any game if a player has learned to use it properly. A joker is nothing but a wild card used to replace any card to form sequences /sets in online Rummy. It may well be a random card picked up at the start of a game or perhaps a printed joker card having buffoon image printed on it.

Players consider jokers in rummy as game-changing cards, and rightly so. Players can use the joker card to substitute missing cards, and if used correctly, can win you the game.

Joker in Rummy Game History

Joker Card has a rich place in Rummy history. While rummy was initially played with a standard deck, the printed joker made its debut in the 19th century, altering the game's course. Euchre players felt the necessity to include an additional card to ease the game play. Originally the card was called with names such as "The Best Bower" "The little Joker", and "Jolly Joker". It was first introduced in the USA in the year 1863, and then it found its place worldwide from 1883.

A joker is arbitrarily hand-picked card at the start of every rummy game. A joker is used as a substitute for the missing card while forming a set or/a sequence in rummy. For example: if the joker is seven of clubs, the opposite 7 (spades, diamonds, and hearts) can be used as a substitute card. If by chance printed joker turns up as the random joker, only other printed jokers would be available for use as jokers.

To give a background on jokers in rummy, take a look at some relevant information about jokers and how to make use of them wisely in line with Indian rummy card game.

Rummy Player Must Know Joker Card Rules

One card is picked at random to act as a joker and placed underneath the deck after each player receives 13 cards. If a 2 of spades is picked as the Joker card for the game, all the other 2s in the suites become Joker cards too. This means, 2 of Clubs, 2 of Hearts, and 2 of Diamonds are jokers too.

Apart from this, each card deck has 2 Joker cards as mentioned earlier. So, one deck of cards will have 4 Random Jokers + 2 Printer Joker = 6 Jokers. However, only 5 Jokers can be used since one Joker is underneath the deck.

  • If the Joker card itself appears as the randomly selected Joker, all the Aces are treated as Jokers.
  • You can use the Joker to extend sets or sequences in Rummy.
  • If you're playing a closed joker game, you're not allowed to see the Joker card until you've formed a pure sequence.
  • In some rummy games, you're not allowed to pick the Joker card from the discard pile. In this case, you'll be forced to pick up cards from the draw pile.
  • Jokers cannot be used to form pure sequences.

Types Of Jokers In Rummy Game

If you are new to rummy, then you should know that apart from the two printed jokers available in the 2 decks of standard 52 cards used in the game, a wildcard joker is picked randomly from the deck. These cards can be used by the players instead of other cards to form sets and sequences as they fill in for any of the missing cards.

The joker card in rummy is helpful for players and many players believe it is essential to winning a game. Using a joker card can help you replace the missing card in a set or a sequence. Even though the joker is a crucial part of the game, it carries a value of zero points, making it even better to have in your hand. In rummy, there are two types of jokers:

Printed Joker

The Printed Joker card is the default joker, which comes with the standard deck of cards.

Wild Joker

The Wild Joker is selected at the beginning of the game, by drawing a random card. The drawn card and three cards of the same face value are considered the wild jokers in the game.

Joker Cards In Online Indian Rummy Game

Getting a joker is one thing, but using jokers in rummy is a different ballgame altogether. Here's how you can use jokers in rummy to win the game.

1. Pure Sequence Always Comes First, Form It Before You Use Joker

The most important thing should be to aim for pure sequences. You must have at least one pure sequence to win a rummy game. After forming one or two pure sequences, use the joker to complete the remaining sets/sequences quickly. Don't start fitting in a Joker right after the cards are dealt. This will ensure that you don't end up discarding a useful card. Your goal should always be to form pure sequences first if you want the game to turn in your favour.

As you are aware, rummy rules 13 card game calls for a pure sequence to be formed without the use of joker. Hence, as soon as the cards are dealt with you do not start melding sets and sequences using joker. Rather, keep it aside and focus on melding a pure sequence as your first activity. In your enthusiasm for implementing your knowledge or any strategy, you may just miss on the basics – forming a pure sequence.

2. Discarding Is The key, Discard the Right Cards at the Right Time

Jokers in rummy are used as a substitute for missing cards when creating a sequence or a set. Therefore, many people don't use the wildcard for pure sequences, as it can serve its purpose to fill a missing card in another sequence or set. To capitalise on this, you can discard the cards that are adjacent to the wild joker. Most players will not pick up those cards from the discard pile, and your strategy will also not be revealed.

A rummy expert will never use jokers to form pure sequences. So, in order to win oodles of points the best strategy would be to discard cards that are close to Jokers. For example, if 6 is selected as the joker, you can discard cards close to the joker like 7 or 5. Discarding the right cards at the right time always will help you stay ahead of your opponent's gameplay or opponent's hand. You can win by not discarding the opponent's desired card and increase the odds of winning the game in your favour.

3. Use the Joker with High-Value Cards Go Hand In Hand

High-Value cards in rummy are worth 10 points each. We are talking about King, Queen, Jack and Ace cards. If you leave multiple High-Value cards unused, they will add to your overall point tally if your opponent validly declares before you. If you get a joker, avoid the looming points by grouping it with the high-value cards to create a sequence or set.

If you end up with too many High-Value cards, the Joker card can come as a life-saver. It can help reduce your points if you're getting dealt with too many High-Value cards. So, if you're trying to form sequences with the Joker card, use it with high-value cards to keep yourself safe from loss.

For example, if you have K♣ and A♣ cards, you can substitute a printed joker (PJ) or a wild joker (as selected) for the Q♣. The sequence can then be joker-K♣-A♣

4. Keep the Jokers Grouped with Other Cards

This tip is important In online rummy games. It is most likely in a game that you may discard a card by mistake or due to some kind of confusion. Keep the Indian rummy rules in mind; group the jokers together and then start melding sets and sequences with the other cards. By this way, you will have a better clarity on which cards to discard or pick in order to meld sets and sequences.

5. Try Forming Sequences Without the Jokers

Joker is definitely a game-changer. But you shouldn't waste cards trying to form sequences around the Joker. The smartest way to use jokers in rummy is knowing how to work without one. Even though the Joker card is handy, chances are, you won't get it. Therefore, to become a better rummy player, you should know how to win without a joker. As soon as you get your cards, sort them correctly and start building a pure sequence. Since you cannot use a joker in a pure sequence, it is better to finish it and put it aside. Once you complete the pure sequence, you can work around creating other sequences or sets.

6. Know when to Discarding The Jokers

Rummy rules outline the best use of joker in rummy games. But if there are too many jokers in hand and you are still struggling to meld a pure sequence, it is recommended to discard jokers.

Many players think that having too many Joker cards is a good sign because they can turn the game in their favour. This isn't true. In Rummy, you might have to discard jokers to win. If you have multiple jokers in your hand, you might not be able to use them all. Always remember, players cannot use a joker in pure sequences. So, if you think that the Joker card is hindering you and not helping you form a sequence, it's best to discard it. Other players cannot pick the joker up from the discard pile, as they have to be drawn from the closed deck.

We are sure you must have learned a few tricks to smartly use jokers in rummy and win the game. And why shouldn't you? Having jokers in rummy is extremely useful, and using the jokers smartly can keep you one step ahead of your opponents.

In a game of rummy, there are 6 joker cards per deck. Remember to use the Joker card only as a trump card. Focus on forming a pure sequence first. Discard the joker card if it won't help you form sequences. While playing online rummy, getting joker cards is pure bliss. But to put it bluntly, one doesn't always need a joker card to win the game. Joker cards don't ensure a smooth win. There will be scenarios where a player is not dealt any joker cards. So learn to play without them as well.

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