15 May IPL Match Prediction RR vs PBKS: RR Hosts Another IPL Thriller


15 May IPL Match Prediction RR vs PBKS: RR Hosts Another IPL Thriller

The 15 May IPL Match Prediction RR vs PBKS is set to go down at Rajasthan’s home ground at the Guwahati stadium on May 15. So far, the ground has just hosted two games for this season. 

The game RR vs PBKS has little significance in the points table, as Punjab is out of the competition for the playoffs race, whereas RR has already put its feet in the next round.

15 May IPL Match Prediction: A Win Needed For Rajasthan To Ensure Top Two Spot

Throughout the IPL, We have spoken about the importance of finishing the tournament in the top two, especially for the teams who miss it narrowly despite making plenty of effort in the entire competition.

15 May IPL Match Prediction: A Win Needed For Rajasthan To Ensure Top Two Spot

Sanju Samson and his man are no different, as they had a tremendous IPL, and a win here would confirm their ticket for the Qualifier one spot.

It is such a privilege for the sides that you get a second opportunity to make it to the final if something goes wrong in the qualifier one compared to the number three and four teams who virtually have a knockout eliminator game. 

The loser of that contest packs his bags and gets the exit door.

The kind of impressive cricket inaugural IPL Champions played and brilliantly led by their skipper Sanju Samson deserves to play the final and would be genuinely worthy of that spot.

On the other hand Punjab Kings are in disarray of so many things, having lost plenty of close games by narrow margins, never helped them to stand up again.

And their trophy drought will remain until the IPL 2025 when there is an expected Mega Auction and some hopes for teams to rebuild and reassess what they need to clinch their first title.

15 May IPL Match Prediction: Players To Watch Out For

Following players from RR vs PBKS both sides will be the impact players who can play an important role in this fixture.

Josh Buttler

Josh Buttler has been the backbone of Rajasthan's batting in the last five years, as he has set the platform for them every now and then and won games single handedly.

Being captain of his national side makes him a valuable asset in adding input for Sanju Samson on the field. The IPL 2024 could have gone better for him upon his caliber standards, having scored 338 runs in 10 games at a strike rate of 146.

RR is used to seeing him getting over 600 runs for fun, so in that regard, it could be considered an underperforming year for England's White ball captain.

Josh Buttler

The encouraging thing for the Men in Pink is that they are already confirmed for the final four positions. The last thing that could strengthen them enormously is the return of form for Jos Butler, which he can put up on Wednesday evening in Guwahati.

The right-hander is never short of the range of shots and the kind of destruction he can do on his given day is known to everyone. It would be perfect for Rajasthan to have their ace batter getting into a form just before they enter the playoffs.

Shimron Hetmyer

The IPL 2024 has yet to see the fireworks from the bat of Caribbean bloke Shimron Hetmyer, known for his power-hitting. Rajasthan acquired his services at Rs 8.5 Cr, so there are legit expectations from him to justify that price tag.

He is a powerful striker but has only scored 83 runs in ten games, which is devastating, considering he is an overseas resource for the side.

As discussed earlier, he and Butler have done so much for the side in the past that there has been a continuity with them, and the franchise backs them to deliver as the trust to perform in crunch situations is still there.

Shimron Hetmyer

It all speaks about the quality of local players and their performance for Rajasthan this year. Even though their major overseas pros are still not delivering to the best of their potential, the team is still aligned with the top four confirmations.

The 27-year-old lefty has another opportunity at the new home ground in Guwahati to unleash a rollicking performance.

Arshdeep Singh

Punjab Kings bowling has revolved around a few individuals, and Arshdeep Singh has delivered for them on most occasions. He is a part of the Indian World Cup T20 squad and is most likely to pair Bumrah with the new ball, so his stature and value in Indian cricket is massively high at the moment.

The left-armer is known to swing the ball in an articulate way and has developed different weapons for death and middle overs bowling.

He controls the ball well, especially in front of the right-handers. Getting the ball back at them with pace is an art he does that with effectivity.

The 25-year-old quick has picked up 16 wickets in the tournament in 12 games, though his economy has been on the higher side touching 10.3.

Rajasthan openers will have to be watchful against him, and he can impose a threat to their batting.

15 May IPL Match Prediction RR vs PBKS

The RR vs PBKS 15 May IPL match prediction is expected to be a one-sided one. Both sides have a lot of differences regarding confidence and performance over the last couple of months.

One team is in the top two races, and the other is on the verge of elimination, so from the looks of it, it shouldn't be a surprise for many if Rajasthan convincingly dominates the game and takes themselves to the next round with loads of confidence.

A win for the home side will ensure them the playoffs with a qualifier one spot, and Punjab will have to reassess all the things that have gone wrong, as it has been a dismal year for them.

Based on the information provided, the 15 May IPL Match Prediction leans towards RR emerging victorious in this match.