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Live Dream Catcher Game

Live Dream Catcher Game

The game features a super-sized, vertically mounted wheel containing 54 coloured segments. 52 of these segments contain different numbers, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. There are also two multiplier segments on the wheel, x2 and x7.

Dream Catcher Game Introduction

Dream Catcher is a live casino game show with a Money Wheel in which players simply have to guess the correct number. The wheel contains the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 as well as the 2x and 7x bonus multiplier spin segments.

Dream Catcher Casino Online

Arguably Dream Catcher rules are among the simplest of all live casino games, yet before you start to play with real money, it is a good idea to get yourself up to speed with how to play. On this page, you will find a complete guide to the rules of the game. Learn how to play and how to win. You will find out about the game’s payouts, odds and RTP. You will also find how to improve your chances of winning with our Dream Catcher strategy.

Dream Catcher Features

Dream Catcher is a perfect game for players as there are no losing fields on the wheel. This is because there are no wheel pockets on which all bets would be considered as losing ones. In live roulette for example, if the ball lands in the zero pocket, all players lose their bets.

Dream Catcher Casino Online

In Dream Catcher, players simply choose which number the wheel will stop on. The provided options here are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. If the player bets on the correct number the payout is corresponding to the number. This means that 1 pays out 1 to 1, 2 pays out 2 to 1 and so on.

Players are particularly satisfied when the wheel stops on the 2x or 7x bonus spin multiplier segments. These offer the chance for landing some super large payouts.

Dream Catcher Casino Online

How to Play Dream Catcher

Playing Dream Catcher is incredibly simple. To play the Money Wheel game, you place a bet on the number you think the wheel will stop at. The dealer then spins the wheel. When the wheel stops, the winning segment is indicated by the leather pointer at the top of the wheel. Any bets placed on the winning number will be paid out at their respective odds.

Any bets placed must be within the table limits, which are clearly displayed on the screen. A traffic light system will indicate when you can place bets (green), when betting time is nearly over (amber) and when no further bets can be placed for the current round (red).

Dream Catcher Casino Online

To place a bet, you select the value of the chip you would like to bet. Once you have selected your chip, you place the bet by simply clicking on your chosen number on the betting spot that sits in front of the wheel. You can increase your bet with each additional click. Players can bet on between 1 and all 6 betting spots. There is also a BET ON ALL button which allows you to quickly place a bet covering all bet spots.

Once betting is closed, the dealer spins the wheel. After the winning number is determined and all winning bets paid out, betting opens for the following game round. You will have then have the option to repeat the previous bet, double the bet, or place a new bet.

Live Dream Catcher Game Payouts, Odds and RTP

The payouts for Dream Catcher are straightforward and easy to remember. The odds match the number in the winning segment and bets are paid on a to one basis. As such, a win on 1 pays out at 1 to 1, a win on 2 pays out at 2 to 1, a win on 5 pays out at 5 to 1 and so on. The stake is also returned to the player along with the payout.

Each number has a different amount of segments on the wheel. The number 1 is found most frequently on the wheel, with 23 yellow segments containing the number, making it a low risk bet. This also reflects in the lowest payouts of 1 to 1. The number 40 on the other hand only appears once on the wheel, giving it the lowest winning probability rate. Although the high payout ratio of 40 to 1 is key to the bet’s appeal. The x2 and x7 multiplier segments lock bets in place for another spin, and payouts are made according to the paytable, multiplied by the relevant multiplier value from the previous spin.

Number on Wheel Number of Segments Colour of Segment Payout House Edge
1 23 Yellow 1 to 1 4.66%
2 15 Blue 2 to 1 4.49%
5 7 Purple 5 to 1 8.76%
10 4 Green 10 to 1 3.42%
20 2 Orange 20 to 1 7.26%
40 1 Red 40 to 1 9.19%
X2 1 Black/silver Multiplies payout of next winning number by x2
X7 1 Black/gold Multiplies payout of next winning number by x7

The Dream Catcher game has an RTP of 90.57% – 96.58%. The optimal theoretical return to player percentage (RTP) is 96.58%.

Live Dream Catcher Strategy

Dream Catcher is a game of chance. As such, there is no sure-fire strategy to win at the game. In a similar way to slots, each spin of the wheel is a random event, so skills are not needed to play the game. That being said, there are certain tips shared among players with experience of the game that are of interest.

Dream Catcher Casino Online

Dream Catcher is a fun game, designed to immerse you into the action for an entertaining gaming experience. It is a fast-paced game, with rounds taking place roughly every 45 seconds. As such, it is important to keep an eye on your bankroll. You should set yourself limits of how much you want to spend playing the game and stick to them. Make sure you do not lose sight of what you are spending to make sure the experience remains fun. The game has a wide range of betting limits, with most casinos accepting minimum bets of just 10p and maximum bets of up to £5000. Consider the size of your bets, to find the right balance between budget and playing time.

As for optimal strategy for placing bets on Dream Catcher, betting on numbers with a higher frequency is a safer bet. Although the payouts for such bets are significantly lower. Given that numbers 1, 2 and 5 have 23, 15 and 7 segments respectively, there is a higher probability of winning than betting on 10, 20 or 40, which have just 4, 2 and 1 pockets respectively. Betting on the low paying numbers should see frequent smaller returns, stretching out your bankroll and extending your playing time.

Alternatively, betting on the lower frequency numbers (10, 20 and 40) provides bigger payout ratios. If you prefer to play with higher risk for the shot at higher payouts, be prepared for your bankroll to reduce more quickly than playing with low paying numbers.

The best casino site to play Dream Catcher with real money must be Esball Eu. That way you can be certain that game results are fair and that you will receive your winnings. There is no shortage of Esball Eu casinos that feature Evolution Gaming live dealer games. Finding the best one for you involves checking the game’s table limits, deposit limits and bonus opportunities. You can find our top 3 casinos for Dream Catcher at the top of this page.

It's fair to say that Dream Catcher is a dream for casino strategists. There are multiple ways you can approach the game and still see effective results. And depending on your play style, you may prefer different betting systems over others. Here are some of the best:

Strategy One: Multiplier or Bust

For our first strategy, we want to try and leverage the most lucrative part of the game: the multipliers. To maximize your chances, we are going to put wagers exclusively on purple, green, orange and red. This gives you a total wheel coverage of almost 26%.

If we land on a multiplier segment, then we are in a great spot for a potential win on one of our big numbers. And these numbers can get pretty big, especially when you factor in that multipliers stack.

The only problem with this strategy is that you are going to have to wait a while for a win. After all, there are 74% other potential winning spaces. For something safer, we recommend a strategy with even more coverage.

Strategy Two: The Safe Spread

Now we are going to flip to the other side of the wheel. This time we are exclusively betting on the yellow and blue segments. This nets you a total of 38 potential winning spaces - and over 70% of the wheel covered. With this strategy, you are poised to win far more regularly.

You will also see more results from multiplier segment wins. The only downside here is that the pays are low. At 1x and 2x, your bankroll will only increase incrementally. Multipliers will also see reduced effectiveness.

With a 7x multiplier, the red segment increases to 280x. But land a 7x on blue and that only equates to a 14x win. Sure, you may have played much safer - but you will also have those regretful what if moments.

Strategy Three: Go Big or Go Home

This one is for high-risk players only - the kind that can wait patiently for that one big win. This system is simple - just bet on the red and orange segments, the highest paying segments on the wheel. Needless to say, this gives you the worst possible wheel coverage of anything shown here.

As we have mentioned, a 7x on the red results in a 280x pay. And on the orange, that turns into a 140x pay. It's certainly a risky way to play the game - but it's also an exciting one too.

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