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Live Football Studio

Live Football Studio

Live Football Studio fits within a group of games called "Top Card" and is very similar to Live Dragon Tiger. It is basically the same game with a different skin. A winning bet on either of the two sides pays out even money, whereas correctly picking neither and going for a draw pays out 11/1.

Live Football Studio Game Introduction

You might be wondering why so many people choose to play Live Football Studio considering that it’s such a simple game with odds that aren’t particularly game-changing? Well, the unique selling point of this game is the game’s host and the live chat.

The table is considered the live casino’s go-to destination for players that wish to come and talk about all things football with like-minded players and the dealer who keeps the conversation football related by talking through the latest football headlines and rumours.

Live Football Studio Evolution Gaming

The main focus of the dealers in Live Football Studio is understandably the English Premier League as it’s the biggest, most recognisable league on the planet, however, you can also expect conversation around the La Liga, the Champions League and International football.

Live Football Studio fits within a group of games called "Top Card" and is very similar to Live Dragon Tiger. It is basically the same game with a different skin. A winning bet on either of the two sides pays out even money, whereas correctly picking neither and going for a draw pays out 11/1.

Behind the dealer will be able to see a large scoreboard which keeps track of the current score over the last five hands, players needn’t worry about this as it’s purely cosmetic.

There are no other mechanics for players to worry about whatsoever other than correctly picking one of these three choices, it really is that simple.

Live Football Studio Introduction

Live Football Studio is a casino game show developed by live dealer giant Evolution Gaming. It has been running since 2018, with a presenter on a TV set that contains several cameras. Live Football Studio is a live casino game in which players have to pick which side (Home or away) will be dealt the higher hand card by the dealer.

Live Football Studio has a theme based on football. This setting refers to a TV set on which consultants usually talk about football news. The table on which the cards are dealt is also a football pitch.

Evolution gaming chose this theme for Live Football Studio because it is the most popular sport and therefore likely to attract the largest number of people.

The online game Live Football Studio was released in June 2018. The choice of this date is anything but coincidental as it coincides perfectly with the start of the World Cup in Russia! The idea is an immediate success for Live Football Studio, especially with the help of the croupiers who know a lot about football and can interact directly with the players on current and upcoming matches.

Live Football Studio

How To Play Live Football Studio

The rules of Football Live Studio are very simple to play and each game round you bet on either a Home Win, an Away Win or a Draw. This game takes directly from the principles of battle (Top Card). The principle is to guess which card will be the higher of the two drawn by the dealer. The order of the cards from the lowest to the highest is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, V, D, R, A.

Two cards are then dealt face-up on the football pitch-style table: one to the Home betting position on the table, and one to the Away betting position. The position that gets the higher card wins.

Aces are the highest-ranking cards, with the rest of the cards following their natural values – king the next highest, with two the lowest card. The highest card always wins, regardless of the suit. If you bet on the draw and the two cards dealt are the same, then you are paid out at odds of 11:1.

Winnings are paid for the winning bets at the end of each game round.

The Live Football Studio Rules Point of Views

  • One Card is dealt to the Away team and one card to the Home Team. The highest card wins.
  • The live dealer then takes two cards from the deck and assigns one card to the home team and the other to the away team.
  • If either the home or away card is higher, they win the match. Successfully backing the Home or Away team to win offers a double payout.
  • Draws or Ties are paid at 11:1, while a win for Home or Away is paid at Even Money.
  • If you’ve made a Draw Bet as well as a Away/Home bet and the result is a tie, you’ll be paid 11:1 for the Tie and get half your other bet returned.

Live Football Studio Payouts & Game RTP

Live Football Studio Payouts & Game RTP

In terms of specific value, payouts will vary from round to round based upon the player's bet.

That being said, payout rates remain stable depending on the specific type of win achieved by the player. For example, a winning bet on a "home" or "away" card results in an Even Money payout rate.

A home or away win has a payout of 1:1, meaning you will receive double your original stake. Betting on a home or away win has a very fair RTP of 96.27%. A draw, on the other hand, has a much higher payout of 11:1, but of course a lower RTP.

Bet Type Payout RTP
Home 1:1 96.27%
Away 1:1 96.27%
Draw 11:1 89.64%

Live Football Studio Smail Tips

The tips in Live Football Studio is to focus on the Home or Away betting results using an even money strategy. The Martingale is a good choice for the game, providing you bet responsibly. You can earn consistent returns while playing safely.

The least optimal tip is to focus on the Draw betting option. While Draw does produce better payouts, it also has a much lower chance. You also can't consistently use the Martingale method.

Based on the Top Card game, Football Studio is a game of pure luck. Although there is no optimal strategy to beat the dealer, you can always apply the basic casino strategy and keep an eye on your bankroll with the win and loss limits set. Another thing you should pay attention to is betting on the Draw as the prize it pays may be tempting, but comes with the least odds of winning.

The game is available in real money mode only and it comes with an RTP of 96.27%. Some casinos offer promotions like giving you risk-free bets thus combining a live casino experience with sports betting. If you think that of all unimportant things football is the most important, give Live Football Studio a try.

Live Football Studio

Live Football Studio FAQ

What Is Live Football Studio Features

  • Football Results & Fixtures: You can add football leagues to show upcoming fixtures and results. Click the "Add League" button and choose your favourite leagues to view as you play.
  • Dealer's Predictions: The presenter for the game will have their thoughts on upcoming games! You can find their predictions in the table to the side of the game.
  • Football Chat: If you love chatting about football, the presenter will be more than happy to share some banter. The dealer is just as passionate about the game - and will discuss transfer news, match results and much more. They may even have some valuable betting tips.

What Is The Maximum Payout And Bet In Football Studio

Home - 1:1 Away - 1:1 Draw - 11:1. The maximum payout in the game is 11:1 on the Draw betting option.

What Is Live Football Studio Strategy

Focus on the Home and Away results - they have the best chance of winning and are compatible with strategies like the Martingale. Don't worry about betting on the Draw - which has a high probability of losing!

Where Can I Play Football Studio

You can play Live Football Studio and other Evolution live casino games right here at Esball Eu. You don't need to download any extra software to play - log in to your account and enter the room.

What Multipliers Can I Win

The game does not include multiplier features - but you can win up to 11x from the standard game betting options.

Is It Possible To Play On Mobile

Football Live Studio is a onlne casino game that can be played on a computer as well as on a mobile phone or tablet. The game is optimised on all platforms in order to offer the player the same experience, regardless of the location and the medium.

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