How to Play Live Lightning Dice Casino, Evolution Gaming Lightning Dice Strategy

How to Play Live Lightning Dice Casino, Evolution Gaming Lightning Dice Strategy

The general gameplay of Live Lightning Dice is fairly simple. It’s possible to bet on numbers that range from 3 to 18, where the numbers represent the total of three dice that are dropped into the lightning tower. The amount won if a player bets on the right number depends on the difficulty of the number hit.

Live Lightning Dice Casino Game Introduction

Lightning Dice was first seen in 2019, where Evolution Gaming added it to their portfolio. Some might say that Lightning Dice is a combination of their two games Lightning Roulette and Super Sic Bo, and we would agree. It’s a thrilling game mode released in 2019, where you have to guess the total number three dice will show. This lightning dice game offers a unique mechanic of rolling the dice with added Lightning Multiplier bonuses on each throw, which can win you up to 1,000 times your wager.

Evolution Gaming Lightning Dice

Unlike Sic Bo, where there’s multiple ways to bet on the outcome of 3 dice being rolled, Live Lightning Dice only allows bets on the total sum of the 3 dice.

When you open Live Lightning Dice, you will be introduced to a dark room which has a lightning tower at the centre. Right next to it is a lever which the dealer pulls to drop the dice, once the power of lightning has been activated. After placing your bets, you wait for the lightning to strike and dice to fall for a chance to win up to 1000x your bet. If you’ve bet on one of these totals and the result is that number, you can enjoy good winnings.

In this Live Lightning Dice review I’ll cover how the game is played, the sort of Live Lightning Dice that works and ultimately what I think of this game.

Live Lightning Dice Rules & How To Play

The general gameplay of Live Lightning Dice is fairly simple. It’s possible to bet on numbers that range from 3 to 18, where the numbers represent the total of three dice that are dropped into the lightning tower. The amount won, if a player bets on the right number depends on the difficulty of the number hit.

A player can place a bet by selecting the amount the player wants to bet, and then press on the number, a player wants to bet on. It’s almost similar to betting on roulette, and is very easily done. When the betting time runs out, the host will pull a lever, releasing the three dice into the “maze” before getting to the bottom, where the total of the dice added up is shown.

The amount won depends on the multiplier attached to the number betted on. The multiplier also depends if the number is hit by lightning.

  • Numbers 3 and 18 has a multiplier of 150x and can pay up to 1000x with the lightning feature
  • Numbers 4 and 17 has a multiplier of 50x and can pay up to 500x with the lightning feature
  • Numbers 5 and 16 has a multiplier of 25x and can pay up to 250x with the lightning feature
  • Numbers 6 and 15 has a multiplier of 15x and can pay up to 100x with the lightning feature
  • Numbers 7 and 14 has a multiplier of 10x and can pay up to 100x with the lightning feature
  • Numbers 8 and 13 has a multiplier of 7x and can pay up to 50x with the lightning feature
  • Numbers 9 and 12 has a multiplier of 6x and can pay up to 50x with the lightning feature
  • Numbers 10 and 11 has a multiplier of 5x and can pay up to 50x with the lightning feature

Live Lightning Dice Rules

All you have to do is watch the dealer roll 3 dice and guess what the total number of all three dice will be. If you are right, you will get paid according to the paytable. To get started, you will need to sign up at your favourite casino and select Live Lightning Dice in the lobby. Thereafter, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Place Your Bets

You place your bet on what you think the total value of all three dice will be after the roll. Lightning dice allows you to place bets on as many numbers as possible. You can choose to bet on only one number or even all the numbers.

The betting chips available include 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 2000, and 2x(double). You bet by using the drag and drop on the betting layout.

To bet on all the numbers easily, there is a “Bet on all” button available. You will see a timer counting down to show you how many seconds you have left for betting.

Live Lightning Dice Rules

Step 2: Wait While The Dealer Rolls The Dice

After the betting round is closed, the dealer rolls the dice. She does this by putting the dice on top of the machine and then steps down to pull a handle. The machine rolls the dice, and you watch as they all come down.

Once the live dealer has dropped the dice, the lightning process also begins. This means that some numbers will be chosen at random. The chosen number will receive a bigger payout. You can see this process clearly on the screen as it happens.

Step 3: Check The Outcome

The machine rolls the dice and they all drop to the bottom. At that moment, the camera closes in for you to see the outcome of the roll. The winning number will be seen clearly and also announced by the dealer. Payouts are then made if you win.

Live Lightning Dice Bet

The betting process in Lightning Dice is so simple. You can only bet on what the total sum of the three dice roll will be. There are no other options to bet on.

You will see all the numbers you can bet on and their payout. The numbers are from 3 to 18.

Live Lightning Dice Payouts

Sum Payout
3 150x
4 50x
5 25x
6 15x
7 10x
8 7x
9 6x
10 5x
11 5x
12 6x
13 7x
14 10x
15 15x
16 25x
17 50x
18 150x

The payouts in live lightning dice, as seen on the table, is the multiplier x stake.

The probabilities of getting the combinations are not the same. Some of the combinations come more frequently than the other. For this reason, the payouts for less likely numbers are higher.

For example, there is only one way of combining numbers on each die to get a total of 18. That is by getting 6 on all three dice. This is less likely to occur, and that is why the payout is higher.

To get a total of 10, there are 27 different ways the numbers on each die can combine. As a result, 10 is more likely but the payout is lower.

Live Lightning Dice Payouts

Live Lightning Dice Multipliers

Before the dice are rolled, one or more lightning strikes will hit the table, striking at least one number. This number is given a random multiplier from 50x to 1,000x.

Any bets placed on these Lightning Numbers will win the marked multiplier instead of the standard payout, with a maximum possible win of 1,000x your bet.

Number Multiplier
3 or 18 149: 1 – 999:1
4 or 17 49:1 – 499.1
5 or 16 24:1 – 249.1
6 or 15 14:1 – 99:1
7 or 14 9:1 – 99:1
8 or 13 6:1 – 49:1
9 or 12 5:1 – 49:1
10 or 11 4:1 – 49:1

In live lightning dice, only a few numbers can become multipliers. The multipliers are randomly selected after you have placed your bet. This is the same as the lightning process explained before in this guide.

If your bet wins and your number is one of the randomly chosen multipliers, you get a higher price. You will be paid what the multiplier is, with your stake returned.

Live Lightning Dice Probabilities

Sum Combination Probability
3 or 18 1 0.463%
4 or 17 3 1.389%
5 or 16 6 2.778%
6 or 15 10 4.630%
7 or 14 15 6.944%
8 or 13 21 9.722%
9 or 12 25 11.574%
10 or 11 27 12.500%

The combinations show how many possible outcomes there are for each sum (total of 3 dice). The sums with the higher payouts have fewer possible combinations and less probability.

Live Lightning Dice Probabilities

Live Lightning Dice Strategy

Many casino players have their own strategies, when it comes to live casino games, where some are more popular than others. Most Roulette players know of Martingale, and some like to use it, where others don't.

The important thing to consider when talking strategies, is that no player can be guaranteed to win, no matter what. The house will always have an edge, and this can also be calculated by the RTP. Therefore we don’t recommend using a strategy, but we just recommend players follow their gut, and ofcourse gamble responsible.

If we absolutely should recommend using a strategy while playing Live Lightning Dice, we would first off recommend the player to consider if they want to go high risk or low risk. If they would like to win often, we recommend going for the numbers between 7 and 14. These numbers pay between 5x and 10x, but can pay up to 50x or 100x if lightning strikes.

If the player prefers to go high risk high reward, we recommend going for the numbers 3, 4, 17 and 18. These numbers hit rarely, but pays up to 500x and 1000x when lightning strikes.

Play Live Lightning Dice Safe

When you play Live Lightning Dice, not only will you have lots of fun, it will also be 100% safe. Evolution Gaming selects only the best online casinos in the world, so that your gaming experience is safe and transparent. You can be sure that all stages of the game are monitored for safety. The games are tested by super partes gaming authorities, you can be sure everything is genuine and random! With games from EG you can be sure your gaming experience is safe and fun, there’s no chance of having a bad experience.

We also like to remind you that you should also play responsibly, only betting money you can afford to lose. Live Lighting Dice is a highly entertaining game that allows for big wins. However, it is not possible to predict the outcome of a gaming session, so be aware of your balance.

In conclusion, Live Lightning Dice is a fun game that makes it possible for both high risk and low risk players to play in their preferred way. It offers a thrilling gameplay, and is an easy to go to game. The only downside currently is, that many casinos do not provide Live Lightning Dice as a live casino game as of now.

Live Lightning Dice FAQ

Where can I play Live Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice can be played at Esball casino.

Is Live Lightning Dice Easy To Play

No real skill is needed to play Lightning Dice. All you have to do as a player is decide what the total of the 3 dice added together will be. The dice are “rolled” by being placed in a rather elaborate perspex tower, and allowed to cascade to the bottom, where the dice come to settle.

What Is The RTP Of Live Lightning Dice

The RTP of Live Lightning Dice ranges between 96.03 to 96.21 %. In comparison Roulette returns 97.30% and Blackjack 99,50%.

Is There A Betting Strategy For Lightning Dice?

There are a few ways to play lightning dice. I have worked out a few playing strategies that manage your bankroll while increasing your chances of winning. Take a look at my Strategies for Lighting Dice.

How Do I Win At Live Lightning Dice

You can win by adopting a strategy that keeps your bankroll turning over while you wait for the big multiplier win to come in. Any of my strategies will help with that.

What Is The Top Payout For Live Lightning Dice

The top payout for Lightning Dice is 1000x. This multiplier is only available on the Total Bet of 3 and 18, so that is three ones or three sixes. 4 and 17 are the next biggest with 500x.

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