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Sic Bo Casino Online Game

Sic Bo Online Game

Sic Bo Online Casino Games Introduction

Sic bo is a casino game that originated in ancient China and is played with three dice. Sic bo goes by a number of other names, such as tai sai, dai siu, big and small or hi-lo. The literal meaning of sic bo is precious dice or dice pair, while dai siu and dai sai mean big small. The game was originally introduced in the United States in the early 20th century as a carnival game. Sic bo has grown in popularity over the years and has recently gained notoriety in one of the largest casino markets in the world, Macau. The game is also played in the Philippines, United States, and the United Kingdom.

The game tool is a sealed dice cup inside with 3 dices are placed. Each player choose the bet to place, then guesses the total points expressed by the dices after being shaken by the machine.

Sic Bo Playing Method

  1. Upon the start of the new game, the time countdown for placing the bests is started. You can choice the chips to place the bet based on your guess.
  2. The betting process is terminated after the time countdown ends; the banker starts the button then rolls the dices automatically by the machine.
  3. After the dice cup stop running , the banker enters the three points depends on the points of the three dices stopped, and the screen is illuminated with the lights, which allows a clear view of the winning bets and the loss odds; the pay out result is determined by the players betting.
  4. If the dices lean on the rim of the dice cup or overlapping dices disable the reading of the dice points, the affected round and all of its wagers will be considered void and all wagering amount will be refunded, and new round will be rolled again.

Sic Bo Bet Types

The chips are placed on the different bet grids, and you can bet on any grids during the betting time.

Sic Bo Online Game


Big / Small

Big: Total points of dices are 11 to 17
Small: Total points of dices are 4 to 10
Note: In the event that any triple comes out; all bets wagered on this portion loses.

1 : 1 (1 to 1)
Specific Triples Bet on the three dices will drop out three identical figure, must be a specific figure (ex. three 6s). 1 : 180 (180 to 1)
Any Triple Bet on all six triplets at once. 1 : 30 (30 to 1)
One of A Kind
One Dice Bet on a dice figure that must come out on one dice (choose from dice 1 to 6). 1 : 1 (1 to 1)
Two Dice Bet on a dice figure that must come out on two dices (choose from dice 1 to 6). 1 : 2 (2 to 1)
Three Dices Bet on a dice figure that must come out on three dices (choose from dice 1 to 6). 1 : 3 (3 to 1)
Specific Double Bet on specific pair of dice that must come out. 1 : 10 (10 to 1)
Two Dice Combination Bet on specific two dice combination. There are 15 types of two dice combination on the table layout. 1 : 5 (5 to 1)
Sum of Points
4 or 17 Points Total of 4 or 17 1 : 60 (60 to 1)
5 or 16 Points Total of 5 or 16 1 : 30 (30 to 1)
6 or 15 Points Total of 6 or 15 1 : 17 (17 to 1)
7 or 14 Points Total of 7 or 14 1 : 12 (12 to 1)
8 or 13 Points Total of 8 or 13 1 : 8 (8 to 1)
9,10,11,or 12 Points Total of 9 ,10,11,12 1 : 6 (6 to 1)
Odd / Even
Odd Total points are 5,7,9,11,13,15,17
Note: In the event that any triple comes out; all bets wagered on the portion loses.
1 : 1 (1 to 1)
Even Total points are 4,6,8,10,12,14,16
Note: In the event that any triple comes out; all bets wagered on the portion loses.
1 : 1 (1 to 1)

Sic Bo Explanation

Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play
The RTP% for this game is 95.52% based on live data.

Sic Bo Online Game

Sic Bo Games Strategy

Low-Risk Strategy for Beginner Players

Are you making your first steps into the exciting world of sic bo? We recommend you to start your journey with smaller bets, at least until you master the game completely. Luckily, there is a suitable sic bo system that you could use. Our recommended strategy is quite simple. It involves choosing the bets with the best house edge, and the highest probabilities.

The Small and Big bets offer almost even chances to win and an excellent payouts. They certainly do not require any special skills and are easy to work with. You may also try the so-called Combination bet, for which you will have to choose any two specific numbers. It comes with high probabilities and a low house edge. You can find more data about each of the low-risk bets in the table below:

As listed in the table, our recommended bets offer excellent probabilities to win. Still, if you want to improve your odds, even more, you can apply a simple additional strategy. You have probably heard of 1-3-2-4, one of the most popular systems, suitable for dice bets with almost even chances. The strategy makes you increase the wager amount in a particular order.

Sic Bo Casino Online Game

To put it simply, if you start with a £1 bet, your second one should be £3, followed by £2 and £4. If you win, you must progress to the following bet. If you lose, however, you must go back to the start. Once you have won the first two bets, your profit will be guaranteed. Remember, however, that the 1-3-2-4 system’s main objective is to protect you from significative losses. It cannot help you win more often, or manipulate the game in any way.

You can also achieve similar results with other suitable sic bo strategies such as Paroli and 1-3-2-6. Once again, we must remind you, however, that sic bo is a game of luck, and its final outcome cannot be influenced by any systems when betting. Still, the right casino sic bo strategy, could help you control your losses, and possibly enjoy the game even more.

Sic Bo Winning Strategy For Advanced Players

Once they have enough practice, advanced players can be more flexible with their bets, and more daring with the strategies they choose. If you are looking for bigger wins, the right sic bo system for you might be to bet on at least four different numbers. Technically, even if you lose all of your four bets, the sums you win afterwards will make up for your loss. Still, we must note one particular pattern. Each bet’s house edge grows according to its payout.

Sic Bo Casino Online Game

Therefore, you must consider which numbers you want to bet on, as after all, you must select the options with reasonable probabilities. To make your choice easier, we have listed all the information you must be aware of in the table below. Please review each bet’s probability, odds, payout and house edge. Once you are fully informed, we will recommend you some potentially profitable betting combinations.

As we have already mentioned, the higher a payout is, the lower your odds to win would be. Therefore, you must consider whether the suggested sic bo system would be suitable for your budget. It is vital to choose your combination wisely and to make sure that the total house edge would not be too high.

Many players prefer to follow a particular sic bo system, which involves placing a bet of 3 currency units on 9, and 2 units on double 1, 5, and 6. Another suitable option might be to bet three currency units on 12, and 2 units on double 1, 2 and 6. Both combination bets offer you a return of 24 units if 9 or 12 wins, and the same amount if your double bet is successful.

Once again, we must remind you that the house edge cannot be eliminated or manipulated when betting. Therefore, regardless of your chosen casino sic bo strategy, you will occasionally lose. You can apply an additional system to try your luck with, but remember that the outcome remains unpredictable. Thus, we advise you to never bet more than you can afford to lose.

The Sic Bo Game Perfect Strategy for Expert Players

Exper players can afford to play with higher-risk strategies. Generally speaking, as long as you have sufficient funds, you could try to play with multiple bets. Even though some of them will have relatively low probabilities, the total payout would be high enough to cover any losses and bring a significative profit. It is important, however, to make your choice wisely. Please consider each bet’s odds to win and calculate whether your chosen combination would be profitable for you.

To make your choice easier, we have selected two systems that you may find suitable. The first sic bo winning strategy suggests placing three currency units on 8, and two currency units on double 1, 2 and 3. You should also place two units on a combination of 2 and 3. The possible return would be 27 units if 8 wins, 22 units If a double bet wins, and 12 units if your Combination bet wins.

Another suitable sic bo system would be to place three currency units on 12, two units on double 4, 5 and 5, and two units on Combination bet of 4 and 5. Similarly to the previous bet, this option offers a payout of 27 units if 13 wins, 22 units if any of your double bets win, and 12 units if your Combination bet is successful.

We remind you that none of the aforementioned strategies provides guaranteed results. Your odds to win could increase, at least theoretically, but the house edge cannot be eliminated. Therefore, you should only play with a sic bo strategy, if you want to limit your losses, and achieve a higher payout.