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FC Fortune Koi Slot

FC Fortune Koi Slot

Introducing FC Fortune Koi Slot. With its 5x3 layout and 9 paylines. Boasting a generous RTP of 96.50%, Fortune Koi Slot Demo offers a balanced level of risk and reward, with the potential to win up to x500 your stake.

Fortune Koi Game Introduction

Fortune Koi Slot Demo

By playing Fortune Koi Slot Demo, you can quickly grasp the classic and fun-filled slot machine gameplay. To learn more, read on for the game introduction.

Welcome to the serene world of FC Fortune Koi Slot, where tranquility meets excitement in a 5x3 layout adorned with 9 paylines. With an enticing RTP of 96.50%, this game strikes a perfect balance between risk and reward, offering players the chance to win up to x500 their stake.

Explore the enchanting realm of scatter and wild symbols as you dive into the depths of Fortune Koi Slot. Let the soothing ambiance transport you to a world of endless possibilities, where each spin holds the potential for untold riches.

With the option to experience the game in demo mode, players can take their time to discover its secrets without any risk. So, why wait? Embark on an adventure with Fortune Koi and let its mesmerizing charm captivate you.

Theme, Graphics and Background Music of Fortune Koi

FC Fortune Koi Slot draws inspiration from the auspicious symbol of traditional Chinese culture, the koi fish. In Chinese tradition, koi symbolizes wealth and good fortune, and players are encouraged to encounter these majestic creatures in hopes of winning big prizes.

The game symbols feature a combination of English letters, along with iconic Chinese elements such as ingots, copper coins, gold ornaments, a treasure pot, and Chinese knots. Additionally, the game background showcases two graceful koi fish swimming serenely in the water.

To enhance the immersive experience, the game is accompanied by the soothing sound of flowing water, mimicking the tranquil environment where koi fish thrive. As the reels spin, traditional Chinese music fills the air, creating a seamless transition between different game states. This careful attention to audiovisual elements ensures that players are fully immersed in the game, offering an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

Overall, FC Fortune Koi Slot delivers a rich sensory experience, allowing players to find added delight and amusement while playing. For those curious about the game, take a trip to the Fortune Koi Slot Demo to gain firsthand experience and discover all the excitement it has to offer.

Fortune Koi Slot Paytable

FC Fortune Koi Slot Paytable


In FC Fortune Koi Slot, Wild will only appear on wheel 2,3 and 4 and it can replace any icon except the Scatter.


Scatter will be rewarded at any position (Multiplier x Bet Total)

Fortune Koi Expanding Wild

Undoubtedly, the highlight of Fortune Koi lies in its expanding wilds feature. These wild symbols serve as substitutes for all others, greatly increasing the likelihood of winning and creating fresh combinations. Whenever the wild symbol emerges, it activates a respin, during which the wilds remain locked in position while the reels spin again. This presents the exciting prospect of achieving significantly larger wins. Players can try with Fortune Koi Slot Demo.

Fortune Koi RTP and Volatility

Fortune Koi shines with its appealing RTP of 96.50%, offering a balanced level of risk and reward thanks to its moderate volatility. What truly distinguishes Fortune Koi is its maximum win potential of up to x500, promising exciting thrills with every spin. 

Fortune Koi Slot Payline Rule

Fortune Koi Slot Payline Rule

In Fortune Koi Slot, each payline offers the maximum bonus, multiplying the line bet. This straightforward feature heightens the anticipation of every spin, making each payline potentially lucrative. It's a simple yet effective mechanic that enhances the excitement of the game, promising players the chance to win big with every successful combination. Players can try with Fortune Koi Slot Demo as well.

Fortune Koi Conclusion

Fortune Koi Slot stands out as a sleek creation from FC Gaming, showcasing their prowess in crafting visually appealing slots with the potential for significant rewards. Featuring lavish visuals and captivating background music, Fortune Koi provides an immersive experience worth indulging in.

Fortune Koi Slot Demo Big Win

The following are the highlights in Fortune Koi Slot. Let's take a look ! We hope players can achieve outstanding results as well.

Fortune Koi Slot Demo Big Win

Fortune Koi Slot Big Win

FC Fortune Koi Slot Big Win

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