Rich88 Online Cockfighting Game Rules & Odds Introduction


Esball Eu provides 2 Online Cockfighting games, one of them is Rich88 cockfighting game, you can learn how to play cockfighting online in this article, read to learn about it now.

How to Play Online Cockfighting

Online cockfighting is no different from other online betting games, you can choose to bet on Home, Away, or Tie, what makes this game interesting is that rich88 provides multiple odds for you to place bets, check the basic rules and odd tablet below.

Rich88 Online Cockfighting Game Rules & Odds Introduction

Basic Rules of Cockfighting

Cockfighting is a multiplayer betting game based on the Asian Football Lottery.

While drawing, the home cock and the away cock will fight, and the result of the fight is divided into home win/away win/tie.

Choose fight result (Home/Away/Tie, ultimate skill, odd/even, scoring interval, correct score, big and small score) to bet. When the result matches the bet, it will be regarded as winning, and other situations are considered not winning.

The codes of the cocks in the record are (A)Ruby (B)Coco (C)Black Swan.

(Malfunction voids all pay and plays.)

Rich88 Online Cockfighting Game Rules & Odds Introduction

Online Cockfighting Payout Odds

According to the game results, the reward will be distributed after calculating the odds:

The payout odds are displayed on the betting panel.

Example of the Prize Drawing

◆ Players bet 【 home win (the odds: 2.3)】, 【2:0 (the odds: 3.5)】 100 each when the result is 2: 0;

home win, the player will be paid 100 * 5.8 = 580, after deducting the bet 200, the player will get 380.

(Malfunction voids all pay and plays. )

Rich88 Online Cockfighting Game Rules & Odds Introduction

Limit explanation

When the player reaches the upper limit, a hint message will appear.

When the player places a bet successfully, the system will first subtract the amount from the player's wallet.

When winning a bet, the prize money will be calculated and given based on the odds and the amount that the player bet.

Betting point Bet limit
Home win 250,000
Away win 250,000
Away win 250,000
Ultimate Skill 250,000
Tie 125,000
Odd 625,000
Even 625,000
Score interval 1~2 250,000
Score interval 2~3 250,000
Score interval 3~4 250,000
Score interval 4~5 250,000
Correct Score 0:0 12,500
Correct Score 1:1 12,500
Correct Score 2:2 12,500
Correct Score 1:0 12,500
Correct Score 2:0 12,500
Correct Score 3:0 12,500
Correct Score 3:1 12,500
Correct Score 3:2 12,500
Correct Score 0:1 12,500
Correct Score 0:2 12,500
Correct Score 0:3 12,500
Correct Score 1:2 12,500
Correct Score 1:3 12,500
Correct Score 2:3 12,500
Big 0.5 625,000
Big 1.5 125,000
Big 2.5 62,500
Big 3.5 25,000
Big 4.5 12,500
Small 0.5 12,500
Small 1.5 25,000
Small 2.5 62,500
Small 3.5 125,000
Small 4.5 625,000