Eden Gardens Stadium IPL match 2024, KKR Home Ground


This article concerns Eden Gardens Stadium IPL match 2024 and its home ground layout. Eden Gardens as an IPL stadium is remembered for many reasons, most of which are good.

In this article, we will be dissecting the IPL match in Kolkata Stadium 2024 schedule, the ins and outs of this ground, and will explore its rich history with the lens of IPL.

There is no denial of the history of Eden Gardens. The stadium has witnessed a large number of high-octane contests. The contests truly fulfill the potential of the Indian Premier League.

The stadium was established in 1864. The ground of Kolkata witnessed some great moments of history. As an IPL host ground, it has seen some eyes pouring tears and some faces smiling. The ground is very significant as an IPL venue, the ambiance of this ground is amazing.

Eden Gardens Stadium IPL match 2024, KKR Home Ground

Significance of Eden Gardens as an IPL Venue

It will be written in the history books that the final of the first IPL was played at the amazing Eden Gardens in front of the numerous fans of this league.

Eden Gardens is a home ground venue for the Indian Premier League team Kolkata Knight Riders. They have awesome records at this stadium as they have won the title two times.

The stands of this stadium have been a part of history as the crowds used to be very violent and aggressive at some stage in the time.

There was a time when this ground used to witness some violent behaviors of the fans as an international venue. "Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo" echos at this ground make this ground more special as they come from the fans of Kolkata Knight Riders.

The presence of Shah Rukh Khan at this stadium makes it more electric and significant as he is the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders.

Eden Gardens Stadium is the oldest ground in the history of the game. It was chosen for the matches of the Indian Premier League at the beginning of this historical game.

Records and Trivia at Eden Gardens Kolkata

The highest score by a team at Eden Gardens Stadium is 235. This score was made by the top team of the Indian Premier League.

Chennai Super Kings made this score in 2023. This score came against Kolkata Knight Riders. The best score by a batter at this ground is 112 which was scored by Rajat Patidar who has been a scout of Royal Challengers Bangalore has scored this century against the strong side of Lucknow SuperGiants, and the most number of wickets taken by Sunil Narine.

All-time-leading run-scorer at Eden Gardens is the son of Kolkata Gautam Gambhir, apart from falling prey to many controversies he has scored some amazing runs for Kolkata, and under his leadership, the team Kolkata won another IPL Title.

One record that Royal Challengers Bangalore would definitely want to forget is their lowest team score at this venue. The lowest score by any team at this venue was 49 against the strong bowling lineup of the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2017. So, this ground holds many wanted and unwanted records.

Eden Gardens Stadium Capacity and Facilities

More than 63,000 spectators can watch the live action at this stadium as the capacity for the fans is amazing and the facilities to manage this number of fans are also top-notch. The ground has so much historical importance that the fans always feel honored when they are watching the game of cricket at this venue.

The facilities here are also very good as the people come to this ground with a lot of hope and passion. The stands on this ground are very eye-pleasing and spectators will definitely enjoy the IPL match in Kolkata Stadium 2024 between Kolkata and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

The spectators who come here make the environment of this ground very catchy and noisy. They make the noise in such a manner that pleases the ears.

Eden Gardens Stadium IPL match 2024, KKR Home Ground

The Behaviour of Kolkata Pitches Under Different Circumstances

The name of the curator of the pitch is none other than Probir Mukherjee.

He has done some excellent work preparing the pitches. The behavior of pitches is different in different weather conditions and times. Sometimes, the pitch behaves as a spin-friendly pitch but at times it also helps the fast bowler get some swing which tests the technique of the bowlers.

It is a very good pitch and it helps all the departments of a cricket match. For a few IPL seasons, the pitch behaved as a batting paradise as the batters scored tons of runs on this ground.

Schedule of Eden Gardens Stadium IPL match 2024

For the time being, there is only one IPL match in Kolkata Stadium 2024 scheduled. However, when the whole schedule is announced, Kolkata Knight Riders might get a few matches in the playoffs stage of the IPL. However, the scheduled game will be a must-watch at this iconic venue where Sunrisers will be head to head against home team Kolkata Knight Riders.

The team of Sunrisers has been doing very well around the world. Their combinations are very good and they are a winning team at any moment. But the cricket pandits can not ignore the efforts of Kolkata in this season. They have managed to make some changes at the auction table.

They have bought some match-winning players like Mitchell Starc for a record bid, for this season who also happen to be the superstars of the game. The Eden Gardens Stadium IPL match 2024 is definitely going to be high-octane as the fans of both teams are pumped up too. They have some aggressive love for the Riders as they fulfilled the dreams of many KKR fans by winning two titles. 



Home Team

Opposition Team


23 March, 2024

Kolkata Knight Riders

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Prediction for IPL match in Kolkata Stadium 2024

There is very sad news that only one Eden Gardens Stadium IPL match 2024 is scheduled as of now. But the contest is going to be awesome as both the teams will lock horns on a weekend night at the aesthetic stadium of Eden Gardens.

The prediction for this IPL match in Kolkata Stadium 2024 is in favor of the home team winning the match quite comfortably.

There is no doubt that both the teams have been working really hard till now and they have tried to develop match-winning combinations but the team Kolkata will win the contest. They will have the advantage of their home crowd.