Lucknow Cricket Stadium IPL T20 Records LSG Home Stadium


In this article, we will be discussing the significance of this ground as an IPL venue, its capacity, and the facilities for the fans, Lucknow Cricket Stadium IPL t20 records, Ekana Stadium average score in IPL, Lucknow Stadium IPL Match schedule for the upcoming season of IPL alongside the pitches of this stadium and we will see how the pitches behave under different circumstances.

Located in the heart of Lucknow, this ground has a unique ambiance and attraction for the fans of cricket and the players. The full name of this stadium is Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Sports City, Lucknow. The ground has recently started to host matches for its team which is Lucknow Supergiants and they are playing well.

Significance of Ekana Sports City as an IPL Venue

The stadium has become significant with Lucknow's arrival as an IPL team. The values of this ground are not strange. There are a lot of fans in India who are attached to this ground as a home of their IPL team.

The stadium is very significant as it has hosted very few IPL matches yet. There has been a lot of debate on the internet about the fans and the ambiance of this ground but the fans have proved everyone wrong.

The stadium plays an important part for the Captain of Lucknow Supergiants who has scored the most runs at this ground in the last season of the Indian Premier League.

Lucknow Cricket Stadium IPL T20 Records LSG Home Stadium

Ekana Stadium Capacity and Facilities

The capacity of the Lucknow stadium is huge and it can host more than fifty thousand people on the ground for live action at one time.

The vast capacity of fans tells that this ground also has a lot to offer to the fans as well. The facilities are good for both the elements of a sport. Both the players and fans enjoy it to the fullest.

This is such an amazing ground which also brings a well-educated crowd and good citizens of Lucknow. Fans love to watch their favorite player play at this stadium. The stadium has shown a large attendance of fans for all the matches being played here.

It is because the fans have been treated well at this stadium. And they come again and again. This speaks about the facilities given at this stadium by the management of the domestic cricket board.

Behavior of Pitches & Ekana Stadium Average Score in IPL

Similar to a versatile, the ground at Lucknow's Ekana Stadium alters its behavior according to the teams competing and the weather. It's like being a support to the batsmen on bright days, providing them with a decent bounce and making boundaries simpler to hit.

Usually, the pitches at Lucknow stadium are dark and muddy which makes them slow and offer a good turn to the spinners. So, it's a spin-friendly wicket and not a high-scoring ground. Ekana Stadium's average score in IPL stands at 152 in 1st innings and Ekana Stadium's average score in IPL in winning cause is 164.

But things become a little complicated when the clouds appear. The ball may move around more, giving bowlers more opportunities to take wickets.

Everyone is constantly on their toes because it's like a game between the players and the pitch. That being said, you can never be sure what to expect from a Lucknow Stadium IPL Match. It is a thrilling struggle between bat and ball or a high-scoring encounter.

Lucknow Cricket Stadium IPL T20 Records LSG Home Stadium

Lucknow Cricket Stadium IPL T20 Records and Trivia

Among the top Lucknow Cricket Stadium IPL t20 records, The highest innings total at this stadium is 193 which has been scored by the host team of city Lucknow in the year 2023 against the strong bowling side of the Delhi Capitals. They were in great form in that season. The lowest innings total is also scored by the same team.

The best bowling figure is 5 for 14. And this feat has been achieved by the British pacer Mark Wood. He has a fine pace with a lot of variations.

He can bowl and test the temperament of many international players. He is fierce when he is in his zone. He was not given enough chances by the management of LSG, but he has bowled really well.

The team of Lucknow has been through ups and downs and they have managed to win most of their home, Lucknow Stadium IPL Matches. They are a set of tough players who know how to carry the team in certain circumstances.

As per the Lucknow Cricket Stadium IPL t20 records, The lowest score is 108 and it came against the bowling unit of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the year 2023.

The highest individual score at this venue is 89 by the star all-rounder of the Lucknow Supergiants. Ekana Stadium's average score in IPL is quite below par than other stadiums because Ekana Stadium has turning wickets and it is not a high-scoring venue.

Stoinis has been very good with both the ball and the bat for his team. He is an established Australian superstar who has been a hero of his national side in multinational tournaments.

Matches scheduled at Ekana Sports City

Following are the high-quality matches that are scheduled at this stadium for the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League.

The teams are looking very dangerous. The Lucknow Stadium IPL Matches will be full of entertainment and nail-biting performances on the weekends.

Lucknow will have to prepare well for these contests as no team is looking less competitive in this season of IPL. Every team has done a lot of good homework before entering this season of IPL.



Home Team

Opposition Team


30 March, 2024

Lucknow Supergiants

Punjab Kings


07 April, 2024

Lucknow Supergiants

Gujrat Titans

Prediction for Lucknow Stadium IPL Matches 2024

The matches at this stadium are going to be very amazing. The wishes of fans will be fulfilled with the performances of the players like KL Rahul, Mark Wood, and Nicholas Pooran.

No player has any weakness and the same applies to all the teams of the tournament. The prediction is clear in the sense that the team of Lucknow would have the advantage of home ground.

They will be stronger than every other team going into this season of the IPL. Lucknow will win both the matches which are currently scheduled at this stadium.

All the teams are looking really well. The contests will be nail-biting but the hosts will have the upper hand in all the matches.