4 Online Sic Bo Strategy to Booth Your Win Rate Rapidly!

4 Online Sic Bo Strategy to Booth Your Win Rate Rapidly!

If you’ve already read the 5 betting skills of online Sic Bo before, then you must be familiar with them now. Numerous betting skills will pop out if you search for Sic Bo online.

4 Online Sic Bo Strategy Game Introduction

If you've already read the 5 betting skills of online Sic Bo before, then you must be familiar with them now. Numerous betting skills will pop out if you search for Sic Bo online.

Though which one is the most effective? That would depend on the efficiency they brought when you practiced them. Follow each of the steps correctly.

Otherwise, it's hard to increase your win rate.

4 Online Sic Bo Strategy to Booth Your Win Rate Rapidly!

So what we are focusing on here is the betting concept. Rather than choose a particular strategy and apply it to our games, we can choose to get familiar with each of the processes the game goes and see what we can do with each step to increase our win rate.

We might be able to create our betting strategy as well. This article will be focusing on introducing the strategies so that you may apply them later in your games.

Before we get down to it, I have summed up some different opinions and advice for different levels of players.

I hope you can read it through first and see which one suit you the most. The following suggestions will be in the category of New players, Experienced players, and Pros. See which one you are first.

Online Sic Bo concept for New players

When you are still a rookie in Sic Bo, the key is to lose the minimum as you can. Since you don't fully understand the game yet so you should be reducing your loss as much as you can.

You need to plan out the stake you will be using to try out betting options and see how the odds help you increase your stake.

Our goal at this stage will be to increase our win rate as much as possible. So I suggest playing Big/Small the most.

Gain your experience from betting on it and sharpen your judgment. Although we might not be able to win a high sum at first, we will set a good foundation for our future.

Online Sic Bo concept for Experienced players

Next, after we've passed the rookies stage, a lot of players would want to bet on a lot of options to increase their stake size immediately.

Though do remember this, if we go too fast, there's a high chance we crashed ourselves. So we need to seek break through but we must not raise our betting amount size and bet on those high odds with a low chance to show up.

What we suggest here is betting combinations. We place our bet with the potential sum of the three dice and calculate the odds from it.

According to the old players, the numbers that come up the most are 9, 10, 11, and 12. So you can try to bet on it and see if it's true or not.

Online Sic Bo Concept for Pros

When we want to master a game, we must push the boundaries and bear the risks others won't be bearing.

To become a Sic Bo pro, we need to think differently. Once we cross the barrier, others will be looking at us as the great historical figure since we've changed the history of Sic Bo forever.

This advanced strategy is called the sum and pairs combination. In short, we bet on the sum and pair both.

In order to practice this strategy, our initial stake size needs to be large enough to support the loss from the first couple of trouts. So it's not recommended for the newbies since it requires a strong mindset.

Sic Bo betting strategy 1: There's always a trace!

Like other casino games online, there's a bet record and game result on each game site. So we could use those statistics and see if we can find a direction or a path for us to follow.

If we do find it, then we will be able to increase our win rate systematically. It's like the road lists of baccarat, we need to find the correct direction.

Sic Bo betting strategy 2: Bet on the option that's 50% winning!

As we said earlier, bet on Bg/Small is the most suitable for newbies. Though this is still an area the pros will bet on even if they are not newbies anymore since it's a 50% chance winning option.

There's also Odd/Even that's a 50% chance winning option that you can bet on. So you get to pick yourself which one you want to bet on.

Sic Bo betting strategy 3: Do not bet on three of a kind!

We called it the leopard because the points of the dice in three of a kind look like it. If you are not a fortune teller or mutant who can alter the points of the dice, then I suggest you stay away from it and don't bet on it. It's pointless.

The highest odds of three of a kind is 1 to 150. The reason why it's so high is that the chances of it happening are extremely low. So no matter if you are betting on it for 10 dollars, 100 dollars, or 10k dollars, you are wasting your money. So stay away from it if you wish to play Sic Bo as an investment.

Sic Bo betting strategy 4: Raise your bet unit properly!

Next, we are going to talk about a more advanced concept called raising our bet unit. How are we going to do it depends on the ratio and the timing.

In short, I would suggest the advanced and experienced players raise their bet unit. The percentage of raising I suggest is 30% since I have a 30% theory.

Say our initial betting unit is 10 dollars, when our stake size increases 30%, then we can raise our bet unit to 20 dollars. Then after our stake size grows another 30%, we can increase it to 40 dollars.

We may keep using it before our profit runs out. Though you may still think about the percentage and the timing to use it. Don't get blinded by a short-term win.

That's all for today. A complete strategy must-have steps for people to follow. To play Sic Bo well, we have to know which category we are in and also the details of the game while we are betting.

Even though the learning ability is different for each member, as long as we are on track, we can increase our win rate eventually following the steps. Thank you all and I will see you next time.

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