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5 SicBo Betting Skills for You to Become Pros

5 SicBo Betting Skills for You to Become Pros

Here are our 5 skills for SicBo and some basic betting strategies, learn how to improve our game simply by applying certain betting strategies.

5 SicBo Betting Skills Game Introduction

The one you've all been waiting for is here finally. In the last article, we've introduced the rules of Sic Bo and some basic betting strategies. I believe you're already familiar with the game.

Now if you wish to know more and improve your games, you need to know more betting skills about this game.

5 SicBo Betting Skills for You to Become Pros

I know some of you may ask:" Since we can't control the rolling of the dice, how could we improve our game simply by applying certain betting strategies?"

Indeed we are no superheroes so we don't have special powers to alter the point of the dice. But we can increase our chances of profiting by applying the skills we are introducing today. Stay tuned and become the pro that others envy.

SicBo betting skill 1: Big/Small for Newbies!

The first skill we are introducing here is about Big/Small. In the Sic Bo rules, the biggest point we get is 18 and the smallest is 3. Therefore we set the small means points 4 to 10 and the big means point 11 to 18.

So there are three types of results: big, small, and three of a kind. Though the chances three of a kind occurs is slim so we can basically regard this game as the one that it's either big or small.

That's why I always tell the rookies to bet on Big/Small only because that's the most friendly option on the table. Other options are only available if he got any sensitivity to the game. Even those experienced players may lose them if they are suffering from bad luck.

SicBo betting skill 2: Take profit and Stop loss matters!

The second betting skill is one who needs to do it no matter if they are investing or playing games. As long as the activity contains cost, profit, loss, and uncertainty, one must set the take profit and stop loss ahead.

Stop loss is like the brakes in the car. We should stop once the loss reaches a certain level before everything goes worse. There's always a chance we can get back here and play for the win.

Take profit is the point where we exit the market with our profit. A target amount for us to say that's enough for us.

Though in Sic Bo, it's also about not expanding the damage and letting it go when we should. Once we know the rules and set our TP and SL, we will be able to play for the win in the long run.

SicBo betting skill 3: Bankroll management is an issue!

Bankroll management is also important in Sic Bo. It's like planning on how you should spend your money. If you don't plan it out, soon you will have nothing left.

So set an amount of how much you wish to bring in and bet in a round, combining it with TP and SL then you should be able to conquer the game.

These skills work because they are designed to make the players survive longer during the game. S

ay we start with 10k then we have to have an idea of how much we should stop when we lose and how much we aimed for the win. Then we know how many rounds we need to play as well.

SicBo betting skill 4: Martingale Strategy in Sic Bo!

You must be familiar with this idea already now. Since Martingale Strategy is the one we have been introducing in the previous games. This can be applied to betting on either the Big/Small or Odd/Even numbers.

Why does it only apply to these two types of betting? It's because their winning possibility is rather high compared to the other ones.

So to execute this strategy properly, we need to find the options that have the most winning probability.

Now we are going to tell you how to apply it in Sic Bo. As the one we have talked about before in roulette, we need to observe the first 5-10 rounds first. Then we bet on the area that has come up often.

Double it after we've failed the first bet and keep going until we have won. Do not bet on other options otherwise the entire bet will lose its efficiency.

SicBo betting skill 5: Steady Profit is the key!

I believe that you all have been in relationships before. Which one do you prefer, the steady one or the passionate one?

This may differ between people but I think most of us would want to settle down at some point in life. The same with playing Sic Bo, if you wish to gain big prize money in a short period of time, then it's likely you will fail. On the other hand, if you wish to be steady, you will learn and improve along the way.

Therefore the core of the 5th skill is about keeping a steady mindset and don't be influenced by the result. Also, don't aim higher than your capability. Grow your stake at a steady pace and observing the situation is the key to becoming a pro.

That's all for today. It's not a strategy that's 100% win, but it's important if you are going to play it in the long run.

From the betting options, TP/SL setup, bankroll management, and reasonable selection to having a correct mindset, this article has covered everything that players need to be aware of. Be patient and devote yourself to it, you will find yourself on the way to success in no time.

Thank you all for joining us. I will see you next time.

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