Dice Strategy

Sic Bo Strategy For Low Risk, Medium Risk, and High Risk Betting

Sic Bo Strategy For Low Risk, Medium Risk, and High Risk Betting

If you’ve ever tried to look up Sic Bo tips and tricks, you’ve come across this suggestion. Essentially, the idea is to stick to low-risk wagers that are likely to win but pay little.

Sic Bo Strategy Betting Game Introduction

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese dice game which sees players gambling on the outcome of the roll of three dice. The direct translation of Sic Bo is precious dice and also, confusingly, dice pair. This popular Chinese game of luck arrived in the western world in the early 1900s. Before this, it was widely played across Asia under different names.

Sic Bo Strategy

Generally, the game is played on a large table that has all the betting options available printed on it under plastic. Lights shine up through the plastic betting field to indicate bet options. Players place their chips on the table in the area that corresponds to the outcome type they wish to wager on. Once all bets are placed the dealer shakes a small chest, cup, or glass container, which contains the three dice. If they’re using a chest, they will then place it down and open it to reveal the winning combination of numbers.

Although the game looks quite daunting because of the huge number of bet options, in essence, it’s quite simple. Sic Bo is similar to craps, but by no means can you just go from one to the other without having a basic understanding of how to play Sic Bo. If you do like roulette and craps, then this could well be your game as Sic Bo mixes the dice play with the random luck that occurs on the roulette wheel.

As with most casino games, there can be slight differences in the odds and game formats depending upon where you’re playing from. Most Las Vegas casinos will be similar, however from country to country and especially online, you’ll find big differences in the game, including some varieties which offer far worse odds and fewer betting options.

Low Risk Sic Bo Strategy

If you’ve ever tried to look up Sic Bo tips and tricks, you’ve come across this suggestion. Essentially, the idea is to stick to low-risk wagers that are likely to win but pay little. In this game, this generally means stick to even money wagers. As simple as it is, this suggestion is actually fairly decent. However, let’s examine why that’s the case.

Sic Bo even money bets are the simplest to understand, so it’s a good place to start. This strategy comes down to managing Sic Bo house edge, so that’s where we’ll begin. Even money bets, such as Odd, Even, Small, or Big, work in a fairly obvious way. They offer to double your money for an outcome that has a roughly 50% chance of happening. However, the casino’s advantage here is that these bets don’t win on a triple. Now, a triple has a roughly 2.78% shot at appearing each round. This means that 2.78% is the house edge for all even money bets in Sic Bo.

That’s what companies market Sic Bo’s RTP to be, right? So it’s just like any other bet?

Absolutely not. The thing with RTP values in online casino games is that the operators provide them assuming ‘optimal strategy’. In the case of Sic Bo, this ‘optimal strategy’ is simply rolling even money bets over and over again. In other words, the ‘official’ RTP for online Sic Bo games is actually the best-case scenario.

Sic Bo Strategy

Small and Big

Let us first understand what are Small and Big bets.

When the sum total of the three dice lands between 4 & 10, it is a small bet, and when the sum to a total of the three dice lands between 11 and 17, it is a big bet. Pretty simple right? But sticking to these bets will be tricky.

The trade-off of betting on Big is that you may win less money as opposed to betting on Small money, where you may earn more money, but the chances of winning are higher while betting on Big as the odds here are 1 to 1.

Seasoned players are often seen betting on the same single-digit number as it is observed that this gives us an opportunity to win more money than the average of anything else but the downside to this is the winning chances of a single number is lower with respect to the high payout rate it comes with.


Combination bets are specific to two numbers and give you a mini advantage of around 2.77%. Granted, 2.77% might not sound like much, but you can’t overlook it as a new player. However, the chances of winning a combination bet are 6 to 1—which means for every 7 seven bets you place, you can expect to win once. As a result, you’ll get more consistent wins than with other bet types.

Low risk sic Bo strategy means making the smallest edged bets, namely the small and big wagers. The bets on small or big are the closest bets to even money and you have more or less a 50/50 chance of winning on them. This means that you will win around half the time, and when you do you will double your money. This is certainly not the way to make millions, but it will keep you on a relatively even keel, and keep you playing sic bo for longer.

As a variation on a low-risk Sic Bo strategy, set aside 15 betting units and place Combination bets. Try to win two or three times. If you do this before the 15 bets are up, stop and take your winnings.

Medium Risk Sic Bo Strategy

The more familiar you are with Sic Bo, you’ll probably be interested in taking larger risks in order to maximize your payout potential. This can be accomplished without breaking the bank or spending all of your gambling money in one brief session.

This strategy relies on the fact that if two of the three rolled dice result in 1s, the grand total of all three dice can be between 3 and 8. For this reason, you can increase your chances of winning by betting that the total will be higher than 8 while simultaneously betting on double 1. Similarly, if two of the three rolled dice result in 6s, the total will be at least 13. Therefore, you can bet for the total to be lower than 13 while simultaneously betting double 6. By betting on a couple of different scenarios within one roll, you effectively set up a safety net for yourself. In order for this strategy to work, the Sic Bo table will have to payout 7 to 1 for both 9 and 12.

10 & 11 Are The Most Likely Combinations

The totals of 10 and 11 are the most likely Sic Bo totals to come out, as the number of combinations that result in these numbers are greater than any others. As such, the payouts for 10 and 11 are usually lower than other combinations.


It is important to remember that when dealing with combinations, sic bo is all maths. The worst combination bets to wager on are 4 or 17 because there is only one way to create each of these combinations, making a hit very unlikely.

Betting on specific Sic Bo number totals is a difficult thing to do, but people do because of the high payouts. There are totals that are more likely to come up than others, making this a medium risk Sic Bo Strategy.

If you're looking for bigger wins, but want to take out some 'insurance', our tip is to use a Sic Bo strategy of combining bets to cover a number of results.

Your winning strategy is to combine the bets so that you have four different chances of winning on each spin. Although you're losing four times your stake if you lose, the returns when you win will make up for this.

Sic Bo Strategy

High Risk Sic Bo Strategy

This betting strategy works best for high limit players that allows them to win multiple bets within one round. Unlike the medium risk strategy, this strategy will have you placing two bets that might both be correct after the dice have fallen.

Place some of your betting units on one of the numbers toward the middle of the board, such as 8, 9, 12, or 13. In addition, place a couple of betting units on whatever double dice boxes correspond to your first bet. For example:

  • If you bet on 8, also bet on double 1, double 2, and double 3
  • If you bet on 9, also bet on double 2, double 3, and double 4
  • If you bet on 12, also bet on double 3, double 4, and double 5
  • If you bet on 13, also bet on double 4, double 5, and double 6
  • For example you bet three units on 8 and two units each on double 1, double 2, and double 3. The dice could read 1-1-6, 2-2-4, or 3-3-2, and two of your bets would be successful simultaneously. This method has plenty of safety nets, as well; if any of your four individual bets come true, you’ll have some money coming your way.

The most high risk sic bo bet is betting on a specific triple. If you want to make a triple bet, the best strategy is to go for "any triple", the payout is less than a specific triple, but your chances of winning it are far higher.

Use The Smallest Denominations

If you are going make these high-risk sic bo bets you should wager only the smallest denominations. This is for two reasons:

  • It is the least likely bet and therefore you want to limit your sic bo expenses
  • They payout the highest, so even with a small bet you can make a big win

Remember It’s A Game Of Chance

Remember that sic bo is a game of chance, so any sic bo strategy that is based on anything other than likely payouts is simply not genuine. The best sic bo strategy is to combine all of these strategies in moderation, that way your sic bo game will be interesting, exciting, and hopefully lucrative.

If you’re a fan of craps then you’re certain to adore sic bo. But if you’re new to the game there’s still plenty for you to enjoy. Whether you select a low-risk, medium-risk, or high risk strategy, sic bo is great fun and has some of the best odds of any casino game – depending on the bet type that you place.

Or if you’re seeking a game that is similar to craps and roulette, and you want a bit of a change then Sic Bo could be the answer. For beginners, the best place to start is a low limit online table and then you could work your way up to live dealer games and also live casino games. It all depends on what you prefer. The game is simple enough to just jump right in and play higher limits at a live casino, though if you’d prefer to do that.

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