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7 Smiling Mindset to Teach You How to Win in Baccarat

7 Smiling Mindset to Teach You How to Win in Baccarat

How to Win in Baccarat is always the question for players that loves to play Baccarat, today we are going to share a 7 step mindset for you when it comes to winning in Baccarat. This will help you deal with all kinds of situations. Enough being said, let’s jump into it.

How to Win in Baccarat Game Introduction

How to Win in Baccarat is always the question for players that loves to play Baccarat, the more we search for the strategies playing for baccarat, the more we would come to realize that even though there’s some differences, most of the strategies may be repeating the same thing.

So instead of giving more betting skills, today we are going to talk about a betting mindset called the smile mindset.

This will help you deal with all kinds of situations. Enough being said, let’s jump into it.

7 Smiling Mindset to Teach You How to Win in Baccarat

Smile mindset: Keeping you smile at always

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain our smile. Especially when our stake has dropped from 25000 to 8600. 4 hours of playing the game has made us exhausted and left nothing but doubt in our mind.

We want to smile to hide our tears, but we know we’ve already had enough of it. Baccarat is like a life journey, we will have our laughs and tears.

Though one may stay on track only if one knows the true meaning of Smile mindset.

Bet on Bank when we see Bank, on Player when we see Player, jump when we suppose to jump, stop when we have lost three in a row. Quit on stop loss of 5 and take win of 6. Leave at round 55.

Smile Mindset Strategy 1: Following the trend

When we start betting in a new round, we don’t have anything to take reference for. Therefore we start out with pure luck and compute our analysis from then.

Hence the first round is a key info for us.

Our first move of the strategy is to follow the result of the previous round. Bank for bank and Player for player. Ignore if it was tied.

Smile Mindset Strategy 2: Change is not a bad thing

This mind set has to be adjustable since the game itself is with various factors. We can’t be fixed while others are all changing.

So the second step is for the situation when our first move didn’t go right. We switch to betting on the opposite side of the previous round.

Whether it’s the first or the second move are all aiming to increase the win rate.

Smile Mindset Strategy 3: Jump! Let’s Jump

What if we lose on the first two moves? No worries, the smile mindset was set to make you smile at the end, therefore for the third move, we suggest you jump.

Meaning despite the result, you bet between Bank and Player while the  rounds goes on. 

Smile Mindset Strategy 4: Rest for the greater good

If you are really so unlucky that the first three steps all failed, that means you have lost for a couple rounds. Now what we have to do is rest and reset our mind set.

Since all of the previous three betting methods all fail, the best for us to do is to stop betting for a while. Wait for the better opportunity to join in again.

Smile Mindset Strategy 5: Know when to stop

Fifth step is to set a stop loss. It’s a term that originated from investment in stocks. Meaning that we set a timing for us to get out before the loss gets too big for us to handle.

Since gambling is one of the ways of investing, we surely can include this mindset to our game.

However, this will never be an easy decision. Since most of us are loss averse, it's hard for us to recognize the loss and quit right away. So we have to be disciplined in order to master this mindset.

Smile Mindset Strategy 6: Take the sweet

No matter how sweet the dream is, it will eventually end. So the sixth step is the timing when we must end despite how sweet our game result has become.

This is what we call a take profit. Doing so we can keep our profit and know that we may still do this again some other day. This is what we must do if we wish to profit in the game for the long run.

To beat the game, not only we have to increase our win rate, but also hold our wins as well.

Smile Mindset Strategy 7: Nothing gonna change my love

Now we have come to the last part. The first 6 steps will get us to win from time to time, but there are times when we haven’t reached our stop loss nor take profit, then when should we stop playing exactly?

The mindset strategy tells us that we should be looking at round 55. Once we surpassed it, stop playing and rest for a while.

I believe that you all know a full deck of baccarat contains 6-8 complete decks of parker cards. round 55 is about the ¾ of the deck since there are 4-6 cards in a round.

So when the round has reached 55, it means that a deck is almost complete. Now would be a time for us to rest and then wait for the right moment to rejoin if we wish to.

That’s all for today. It is a strategy that takes care of the cards dealt scenario and some options for us to take and the timing for us to leave the game.

It has a complete structure that no matter what our prediction is for the coming card, we may use this as an assisting tool.

Also it’s a more conservative way of playing since it didn’t suggest any betting amount we should be using to play.

Whenever in the future we have run into some conditions that we don’t know which side we should bet, give it a try. This will make you smile till the end.

Thank you for reading this. We wish you a nice day.

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