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4 Online Roulette Game Winning Skills from Pro You Must Know

4 Online Roulette Game Winning Skills from Pro You Must Know

Today we will be looking into some advanced betting skills in online roulette game. If you read through our previous series of roulette strategies, then you should take a min to read these pro skills.

4 Online Roulette Game Winning Skills Game Introduction

If you are one of the friends who have read through our previous series of online roulette game strategies, then I think you ought to be familiar with how roulette game is played.

Also, you should know some basic betting skills of the game. Today we will be looking into some advanced betting skills of roulette. If you find this useful, keep it a secret between you and me. Let's find out the secret of the pros.

4 Online Roulette Game Winning Skills from Pro You Must Know

Roulette Game Winning skill 1:European Roulette is Your Best Option!

I believe you all know that there are different types of roulette game such as European, French, American, and Royal. There's a slight difference between each style of online roulette game.

The most common ones are American and European roulette game. Let's make a comparison between them so that you will know why we should choose European always.

The biggest difference between American and European online roulette game is that there's only one 0 in European while there are 0 and 00 in American roulette.

Some may think that this is not a big difference and it won't bother our moves of betting, but it's the opposite. Increasing an extra number on the wheel affects the game hugely. The house income increases by 5% with this difference only.

Those who played long enough know that 5% is a big difference already.

However, no matter which game we choose, we need to focus on deciding our betting options based on the win rate and the house edge.

Since we can't control luck, we can only increase our win rate as much as possible so that the more we play, the higher the chance we may end up in profit. Since playing American online roulette game will increase the house edge by 5 %, we don't suggest you put your investment there. Hence, we choose European roulette.

Roulette Game Winning skill 2:Sets your unit betting amount!

Like playing baccarat or hold'em, one must set their unit betting amount first before they set down and play. Since there are multiple betting options in roulette, we might suffer from a big loss if we didn't set the unit.

Though how should we set the amount so that we can avoid that from happening?

First, we need to know how much we are bringing into the game. Second, we need to know the timing to bet and how much we should be betting.

This part is similar to the take profit we set in our bankroll management. All three of the elements are connected. Follow these procedures accordingly for a long run, you will be able to increase your stake steadily.

Roulette Game Winning skill 3:Cycle betting for the pros.!

The third move I'm gonna teach you is called cycle betting. It means betting on two areas repeatedly in order.

We pick two betting areas after we have performed the two previous winning skills. Then we bet on them in turns. Say we bet on areas 1 and 2 in our first bet, then we bet on areas 2 and three the second time, and areas 3 and 1 the third time.

It's not hard to tell that the concept of this skill is to bet on combinations. As long as the area complies with our betting logic, we will be able to profit from it. That can also reduce our risk while betting, the reason why the pros like to practice this move.

Roulette Game Winning skill 4:Don't bet on multiple numbers!

Next, we are looking at something that's far more important than the previous 3 skills. It's common sense in playing roulette game. Don't bet on multiple numbers in a roulette game.

You may think that since betting on multiple numbers increase our win rate, why shouldn't we be doing so?

In short, there are 37 numbers on the wheel.

The odds are 1 to 35 when we make a straight-number bet. In theory, one may still miss even if we bet on 30 numbers of the wheel.

If we bet on 35 numbers meaning we have to pay for a 35-unit betting amount. the odds are 1 to 35 but we still have the chance of missing.

If we wish to profit, we need to bet on numbers less than 34, which has a higher chance of missing. So betting on 35 numbers is a move that doesn't make sense at all. Therefore please do not bet on multiple numbers in roulette.

That's all for today. online Roulette is a game in that luck takes a huge part of it.

In theory, it's hard for members being able to predict exactly how the result would be. Though if the player is able to utilize the knowledge of the game combined with a reasonable betting strategy, it's not hard to make it into a steady investment.

Thank you all for participating. Have a nice day.

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