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8 Roulette Strategy for Online Roulette Real Money India Ep1

8 Roulette Strategy for Online Roulette Real Money India Ep1

After reading the roulette strategy and roulette winning skills, let’s set foot in the advanced roulette practical skills for Online Roulette Real Money India. If you wish to win more don’t miss out!

Online Roulette Real Money India 1 Game Introduction

After reading the roulette strategy and roulette winning skills, let’s set foot in the advanced roulette practical skills for Online Roulette Real Money India. Practical means it’s more suitable for betting in logic. For those who wish to survive in the long run in playing roulette, this may help you increase your stake steadily.

We will show you 4 different roulette strategies in this article and the remaining 4 in Episode 2 for Online Roulette Real Money India. If you wish to increase your win rate in roulette, don’t miss out on the roulette strategy introduction today. Let’s jump into it.

8 Roulette Strategy for Online Roulette Real Money India Ep1

Roulette Strategy 1:Cycle Column Betting

Since we are in the advanced section, we need to learn about the cycle column betting strategy. Some readers may have read about our column betting method. It’s not so different after we’ve put the word “ cycle” in front of the name. Though there are still some important concepts we wish to introduce here.

I believe that you still remember the introduction for column betting, which is betting on the three long columns on the board of roulette.

The first column numbers are 1,4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28,31,34. The second column numbers are 2,5,8,11,14,17,20,23,26,29,32. The third column numbers are  3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36. The odds are all 1 to 2. This is the original column betting method.

However, this skill requires us to make this betting method into a cycle version. Cycle version means we bet on two columns at once and change one column at a time for each betting round.

Say we bet on the 1st and 2nd column in the first round, then we bet on the 2nd and 3rd column in the second round, followed by betting on the 3rd and 1st column for the third round. In statistics, it reduces the risk efficiently so that it may increase our win rate.

This is the first skill here.

Roulette Strategy 2:R/B and O/E Area Won't Let You Down

Next, we are going to talk about R/B and O/E, the two main betting options. You should still remember that we advised you to bet on these two areas since these two contain the highest win rate which is close to 50%. So what can we do more to increase the win rate in them in Online Roulette Real Money India?

To increase the win rate, one thing we must do is reduce risks. It’s the core concept of the article. You should all remember this no matter which game you are playing.

As for the betting options, these two reduce risks due to that they split the number series in half. Like we get 18 numbers each from 1-18 and 19-36.

After we have divided them, we can combine them with the R/B and O/E sections. For example, we can bet on the following three methods.

♦ Focus on numbers 1-18 and combine the bet with R/B or O/E.

♦Focus on numbers 19-36 and combine the bet with R/B or O/E.

♦ Focus on numbers 1-36, but bet only on R/B or O/E, never both at the same time.

Roulette Strategy 3:Calculating EV in Roulette

After learning two previous skills, let’s return to the basics and talk about what's really important when playing Online Roulette Real Money India, which is EV (expected value) for a while.

The basics of every game are based on numbers and odds. Expected value is the profit that each of the combinations may appear while we time it with odds.

It can tell how likely we can profit from it and the house edge of the games.

So you see, this topic is discussed not only in the games that people may play on game sites but also in investment and some daily activities as well.

First, we need to know that when we are looking to win big win small bets, EV will be low. Since the winning chances are low, it will drag down the profit we may hit, and therefore it’s shown in small numbers.

However, in roulette, EVs don’t change no matter which kind of betting areas you choose to bet on.

So as long as you are patient and place your bet according to the strategy, your win rate will increase, and be able to store your profit. That’s why this game is so popular all around the world.

Roulette Strategy 4:Pros Bet With Small Face Value Chips!

We all know about EV now so let’s move on to the 4th skill, which is winning big with a small betting amount.

To do that we need to change our usual betting chips into a small face-value chips roulette strategy. “ Though this won’t increase our total betting amount, what’s the use of this step except for increasing the chip amount and the troublesome while betting?”

This might have crossed your mind. Though trust me, this is very helpful in practice. I’ll be straightforward.

There are two things we can benefit from doing this. One is that we will be even more rational while betting, and the other one is the visual difference between the two.

Since we have small face-value chips, it takes more time for us to calculate how much we should bet. Since our time of consideration extended, we have more control over our emotions. The second is the visual effect.

According to psychology, people tend to think differently when we were seeing a different amount of chips in front of them. So changing the chips into small face-value ones, helps us put the previous three skills into practice more efficiently.

That’s all for today. These 4 skills are all more advanced compared to what we have introduced before. Don’t feel pressured if there’s anything you don’t understand in the article.

With more games you play and the longer time you were in the game, the more you will get familiar with it. Thank you all for participating and we will continue our next 4 skills in the next episode for Online Roulette Real Money India, have a nice day.

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