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8 Types of People You Can Find in Baccarat Casino

8 Types of People You Can Find in Baccarat Casino

There are all kinds of gamblers inside the casino. Despite their wealth, age and characteristic, how should we find the bulb of the game?According to my experience all these years in South East Asia’s casinos, there are several main categories.

People You Can Find in Baccarat Casino Game Introduction

There are all kinds of gamblers inside the casino. Despite their wealth, age and characteristic, how should we find the bulb of the game?

According to my experience all these years in South East Asia’s casinos, there are several main categories. Tourists, bad gamblers, rats, pros, all-inners like those who play for all in every round, these are the main types.

In the casinos in Macau, the last type of people are the types that’s most suitable for the bulb.

8 Types of People You Can Find in Baccarat Casino

Since they all carried the most emotional weakness. Since they are mostly the less resourceful group of people, most of them wish to make a change in game urgently.

They dreamed for winning in the game so that they can change their lifestyle like the rich people. They ignore the facts of the chances and odds in the options, simply betting all into the highest odds option.

Though if it’s so easy to profit in game, then no one else would work anymore. To people like you and me, the way to store our profit is still by hard work and dedication.

Type 1 : Rich Women

Most people think that men dictate all the things inside the casino, but it’s absolutely wrong in Macau. The gender takes 50% each inside the casinos. Sometimes women are more than men. They like to play Mahjong and some poker card games. 

Type 2 : Gamblers who wish to be lucky

The main characteristic of these people is that they are all very greedy. They tend to act out their emotions while they have won or lost. Another weakness of them is that they tend to stay longer than most people since they don’t know the limit of their bankroll. So we often see these people gambling with luck all the time and end up empty mostly.

Type 3 : Those who can’t afford to lose

One side category is those tourists or workers near the casino who didn’t earn much. They are usually people who doesnt have money.

Seeing the minimum betting amount is 200 dollars, instead of walking away because it’s too much for them to lose, they still cashed it in and started playing.

After they have lost all of it, they leave with an empty wallet and a furious face.

Another kind is the people who have already carried a lot of debt and wish to make a move in Macau.

They are like those who wish to be lucky and change their lifestyle by gambling.

They come from all around the world , wish to take a chance, and mostly end up disappointed and going back to their original lifestyle, if not worse.

Nowadays this kind of situation has gotten worse with all those finance companies and credit card convenience, they will borrow all their future just for a hand.

The financial crisis these days has worn out many of the business men. They don’t want to handle all the emotions at work and also at home so they go to Macau to take a shot.

Here their vanity is fulfilled. These people end up betting on the high roller table since they consider themselves as rich ones and betting on every resource they’ve got.

Type 4 :Those who’s not suitable for bulb

Many are playing in the casino. Though those who are suitable for the bulb are the ones who don’t know their advantages and disadvantages so they end up being taken advantage of.

So make sure you know yourself well and know to pick the right bulb before you end up with severe loss. Then you are the one who has become a bulb, lighten up the paths for each other to get profit.

I had once made this mistake and chose the wrong bulb and ended up being a bulb for others. I’ve changed afterwards and try to avoid certain people from making them a bulb.

Type 5 : Old Men in the Casino

We might consider the elders to be the weekones, but that’s not the case when it’s in the casino.

Since those who have wandered in Macau for years, you may not even be born when they set their foot in the casino for the first time.

They are experienced and know their limits. So they tend to follow their own stop loss and take profit strictly.

Type 6 : Real High Rollers

There’s a saying in Cantonese meaning those who are poor are easy to get picked on.

So when you see those who wear gold watches, rings and necklace are piling their own stakes, don’t get close.

Those who are capable of betting that amount meaning he/she has a stable source of income.

That’s not the kind of resource we got. So if we follow their path with the betting amount, we might not be able to handle the loss. Even if we modified our betting amount, we might still end up losing.

The rich one may not care and  are here to have fun, but we tend to be upset when facing loss. Therefore it’s best for us to avoid playing with those people.

The corrupted governors who don’t care about money

How do I know if a Chinese person is a corrupt governor? It’s really hard to explain to you since this requires us to have some social experiences. In short, these people tend not to hide themselves from others, since they are used to gaining power and attention and use it for their own benefit.

They are here to have fun, maybe meeting up with some massage lady. They are not suitable to be a bulb.

Type 7 : Couples or gansters

They don’t fight alone. So we don’t know their bankroll structure. They aren’t suitable for being a bulb.

Also they normally consider the opinions of their partner so it may interfere with the result of the game as well. It’s best to avoid taking them into consideration while you try to bet.

Type 8 :Casino rats

They are more of an animal to a human to be frank since they’ve got all the qualities a rat contains.

They know the timing to strike. They are greedy and yet not too greedy. Most of them are local and they kept saving themselves. Some of them are employees of the casino.

They bet large but they tend to show up when there’s a good road to follow.

They are experts in bankroll management and have a strong mindset that won’t be interfered with the result.

They never lose big, nor do they win big, but they know how to gain leverage over rebate, commission, bonus and lottery.

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