Baccarat Strategy

5 Basic Principles on How to Play Baccarat to Win

5 Basic Principles on How to Play Baccarat to Win

How Play Baccarat? Those who have played in casinos before normally feel that it’s hard to win in the casino. Most of them go there to have fun with an expectation to lose as little as possible, today we are going to talk about how to play baccarat to win.

5 Principles on How to Play Baccarat Game Introduction

How Play Baccarat? Those who have played in casinos before normally feel that it's hard to win in the casino. Most of them go there to have fun with an expectation to lose as little as possible, though some of them still end up emptying their pockets.

According to an anti-Pathological Gambling organization in America, the win loss percentage of those who walk into the casino is 10.5% to 89.5%.

Which means that out of 100 people, 89.5 of them are losing and only 10.5 of them get to win money from the casino.

That was just a rough statistic. In fact, if we look into the 10.5% of winning people, we will notice that only 3% of them wins big money (big money here is a relative concept, we set the winning amount/ original amount exceeds 10 meets the requirement of winning big).

5 Basic Principles on How to Play Baccarat to Win

As for the continuation of these people who keep winning like this in the long run, the percentage is close to 0.

Meaning that even if we go to the casino frequently, there's no chance at all we will be able to win big every time we go for the long run.

There are also some numbers that's quite interesting as well. Out of the winning people, the average age gap falls in between 46 to 55 years old.

As for those who lose the most, the age gap falls in between 36 to 45. Let's take a step further, what does this statistic suggest?

It implies that before we know how to win, first we need to learn how to lose. Knowing all the reasons we lose helps us to prevent doing it again in the future.

We may also acquire this knowledge by learning from others. We ought to know what kind of player the casinos welcome the most.

Who are the unwelcome players? The players who only bets one to three rounds. They are called the rats of the casino, who make their living from it.

The name “rats” indicates the hatred the casino has for these people.

Rule 1:How to Play Baccarat in the casino?

I think all gamblers should understand that whether you can profit from the game or not is not based on luck. It might be lucky if you are winning once or twice, though to profit in the long run, it takes skills, bankroll management, and a strong discipline mindset.

No matter which casino you go to, you may find all of them decorated as astonishing as it can be the moment you've entered.

A cozy environment, free beverages, cheap meals, and all kinds of entertainment all make you feel great. Though have you ever thought about the source that supports the house to be such a good host?

Those gizmos are all distractions and they are planning to earn the fees of distractions from you.

Frankly speaking, casinos are just another industry of business. Those who invest in it wish to make money. If you feel like it is worth the money you put in, then it's fair for both of you and the house.

Though if you wish to gain profit from it, then you need to pay attention to the games that tilts your chances of winning.

Stay away from the distractions. The longer you stay there, the higher chances that they make their profit back from you...

Rule 2:The difference between the players and the house?

The following are the detailed differences:

The time for house is endless, while the time for players is limited. Casinos run 24 hours per day all year long but gamblers can't play like that.

Long hours of playing affects one's mental condition. Therefore, rest is extremely important for pros.

The houses' bankroll is close to limitless so they are not afraid to lose in a couple rounds. Eventually they still win because the game is designed to be in their favor.

While the bankroll of players is limited, normal people like us can't compare our total assets to the house. So those who have bet against the house normally ends up losing all of it.

House counted on math, while gamblers counted on luck from time to time.

The top three differences are the reasons why we need to form our own strategy and principles if we wish to profit from the casino. We have to stay disciplined so that we can lose small but win big.

We've mentioned casino rats in the previous article. These people are disciplined, knowing that's the only way to gain profit. Some act contrary, playing in casinos just for fun and excitement.

They don't want to bet only 2 to 3 rounds after being in the casino for a couple hours. These are the people who tend to lose the house, though they may not feel hurt since they got what they want during the process.

Though I think you wouldn't mind winning some also. As a matter of fact, I think you would love it when you know that you actually have a shot of winning more than just survival. So, you may not be interested in the ways of rats.

I respect that goal. My main purpose of this article wasn't to teach you how to become a casino rat. I want to offer different solutions to people who have different needs.

Once we know the principle of how the games are designed in the casinos, I'm going to give you some principles you need to follow no matter if you want to win big or you are just here for fun. So that you won't lose every nickel you had.

Rule 3:Baccarat winning tips

Now let's jump right into the winning principles:
Know the rules of the game. Every game has its own betting rules. Take baccarat for example, one needs to know when an extra card comes, how the odds are calculated.

If you don't know anything about it, it's impossible you will win in the game.

Avoid playing all the games in the casinos. It's already hard to get familiar with one or two games. Playing in every game will certainly make you lose.

Good Bankroll management. Here we are talking about the total bankroll, not the betting size for each round. This is the chapter I will share some other day.

The bankroll here refers to the money you expected to play with in the game. For instance, you have 3000 dollars and you are going to stay in the casino for 3 days.

Then you must manage this 3000 properly, if you lost all of it on the first day, then either you will be doing nothing for the next two following days or you will go on credit and loans to play more games.

Good time control. The experts know that their energy is limited therefore the quality of their work drops when the working hours are extended. So, it's important to manage our time properly.

Set your take profit and stop loss. This way you know when to exit the game. No matter how skillful or lucky you are for a certain period of time, there's no way you can win all the casino's money.

One bad round then you may lose all the previous profit plus your own money. Therefore, setting take profit and stop loss protect you from losing more than you can handle, and keeping your winnings from your effort.

Rule 4:Mindsets

Here's the four mindset I would suggest for you while gambling:

  • Tolerance:Keep your emotion inside. If you let your emotions drive you to take actions, then you won't be able to survive during the games in the casino.
  • Patience:Wait for the right opportunity to bet. Do not rush. Place bets according to your experience and analysis on the one that has proper odds.
  • Ruthless:One may lose money if one's not ruthless. Win as much as you can while you have a chance. Be confident in yourself.
  • Exit:Know your timing to exit, no matter you've won or lost. Those who spend more time than they need to end up losing eventually.

Rule 5:Principles we ought to keep

Also, here are some rules we need to remind ourselves to keep during the time we are in the casino:

  • Those who can't afford to lose shouldn't be gambling. Since no one can guarantee to win, we should only bet when we can handle the loss.
  • Don't go with your instinct. It may bring you good luck once or twice, but it might cause you the entire fortune if you rely on it too much.
  • Make your own strategy if you wish to play for the long run, may gamble with luck if you are only playing for a short period of time.
  • Remember this is only an entertainment, so that you may remain calm in the process.
  • Don't bet for multiple options in one round. If you are betting on Bank side then don't bet on tie at the same time. If you are betting on big or small then don't bet on specific points at the same time. Bets on multiple will only reduce your bankroll.
  • There's no system can beat the odds. All the games in casino were designed in the favor of the house so if you bet for a long time, you are very likely to be losing. Remember this and control yourself.
  • High odds mean low win rate. So, if you bet on those options all the time, you will lose it all very fast.
  • If you don't have the guts, don't gamble

After all these principles, we ought to know some prohibitions about gambling.

  • Don't gamble while you are drunk. The alcohol will affect your decision.
  • Don't gamble while you're sleepy. Go get some rest first.
  • Don't gamble while you are sick. You need to focus on getting better from it and come back when you are in full energy.
  • Don't gamble when you are disturbed. You will make impulsive moves.
  • Don't gamble after you were let go either from a position or from a relationship. You are very disturbed during this time.
  • Don't gamble after having a fight with others. Your mental state wasn't stable.
  • Don't gamble when time is not enough. You tend to feel bad if you lose.
  • Don't gamble with your family or loved ones. It will affect your judgments.
  • Don't play games you aren't familiar with. You won't even know why you've lost.
  • Don't gamble with debts or loans. Play with the money only you can afford.
  • Don't return to the casino after you have left with your profit. If you wish to play for more, go to another casino.
  • Don't play with those you hate. It will affect your judgments.

Whenever you feel like you are disturbed mentally, you are free to exit the game room no matter if you've won or lost. Take a rest, have something to eat, and then return with full condition!

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