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Dragon Hunter Slot Machine

Dragon Hunter Slot Machine

Dragon Hunter Slot Machine is a fantastic example of their work and sees various heroic anime-type characters along with some fearsome dragons to a game that’s filled with unique bonus rounds. This highly interesting, visually stunning Gamatron game boasts 5 reels and 40 paylines.

Dragon Hunter Game Introduction

Dragon Hunter Slot Machine is a fantastic example of their work and sees various heroic anime-type characters along with some fearsome dragons to a game that’s filled with unique bonus rounds. This highly interesting, visually stunning Gamatron game boasts 5 reels and 40 paylines. With its interesting anime style, stunning visuals, and soothing sound effects, Dragon Hunter is definitely worth a spin or two. Its reels are packed with anime-styled symbols offering Cascading Winnings as well as generous Multiplier coming more often than expected. Landing special symbols will trigger respins, multipliers, free games, sticky wilds and even a side game where a cartoon fight between the dragons and the hunters plays out, while a cascading reels format sees the potential for win after win, without the need to place a stake.

Dragon Hunter Slot Machine

It’s clearly not your average online casino slot machine, which is apparent as soon as you see the 5x5 grid of symbols. There’s no paylines either, as any time 3, 4, or 5 examples of the same symbol appears either horizontally or vertically, running from the left or right side, or from top or the bottom of the grid, a prize is paid out. As the wins come in, blue and red crystals are collected to trigger features, while a special meter fills up with every winning spin to launch guaranteed bonus rounds.

The game is also packed with Sticky Wild symbols which remain in their place making it easier for players to score winnings. Then, there is also the game’s Dragon Fight Bonus mode during which players get to witness an ultimate dragon battle ending with awesome instant cash prizes.

Dragon Hunter Slot Machine

How To Play Dragon Hunter Slot Machine

Dragon Hunter slot game has 5-reel, five rows, and 1024 ways to deliver you a winning combination. The game is unique in terms of grid action as you will not see them rolling but falling like stones and filling up the grid. Every winning combination is destroyed, and in its place, new symbols fall from the top if they form a new winning pattern, they are also abolished, further fall from the top at their locations, etc. This is an exciting design for a slot machine as it eliminates the quick spin feature, and some wild gamblers may not find the slot very attractive. However, players could still enjoy auto-spin for up to 999 rounds and bet adjustment options.

Mysterious Objects

Random symbols will have little blue or red crystals overlaid on them, and if these symbols then become part of a win, the crystals move down to either the blue or red horizontal bars.

These gauges slowly fill up as the game progresses, and once the blue one is filled you are treated to a multiplier on the next win, while filling the red gauge awards a repeater on the next win. It has to be said that these can take a while to fill up, but it’s still nice to be guaranteed something once they are full.

The weird swirl to the left of these gauges will also gradually fill up with each win, and once it’s full, you are treated to one of three special features. The male hunter can slash a sword across a random symbol at the bottom of the grid, turning it into a sticky wild that stays in place as reel cascades play out, and it remains in play until no more matches appear. The other in-game bonus is the female hunter, who will fire magical missiles, at a vertical row of symbols, tuning them all into an expanded wild symbol. This will also stay in place until no more win-lines are on the grid.

  • Red gauge activate the Repeater feature for the next spin round.
  • The round re-spin 3 times and all wins are added to the Total wn amount.
  • Red Gauge is reset after the repeater is activated.
  • Blue gauge activates the multiplier feature for the next spin round.
  • x20 multiplier can be awarded, increasing the Total win amount of the spin round.
  • Blue gauge is reset after the multiplier is activated.
  • Yellow circular gauge fills up after every win.
  • When the yellow gauge is full, it triggers the feature spinner that can award either sticky wilds, expanding wilds or a dragon fight feature game.
  • Yellow gauge is reset after the feature spinner is activated.

Dragon Hunter Slot Machine Mysterious Objects

Dragon Hunter Paytable

You will see anime characters, dragons, and standard game cards from nine to ace on the grid, which for a surprise, stay in the middle of the paytable instead of being the lowest paying symbols in the game. The dragon hunter anime heroes surprisingly take the role of the low payout characters. A complete set of five will hardly get you half of your spin bet.

As we said, game cards stay in the middle of the paytable and provide winnings from x2 up to x12 for a complete set of five Aces. The dragons are rewarding characters, and there are three types of them, with the red being the highest paying one. A full set of five red dragons will get you 50 times your spin bet, which is high for a base game payout. There is a D/H scatter symbol that can fall for x500 payout.

The betting range of the game is pretty flexible. Dragon Hunter slot can be played for just 20 pence per spin for all 1024 pay lines, and on the other hand, for high-rolling players, the wage could be increased up to 100 pounds per spin, which should satisfy most online players.

The maximum payout in base game mode is x500 in case you land five of a D/H logo symbols anywhere from reel one to reel five. However, if you can hit that feature with a multiplier, it would add to a massive payout. Dragon Hunter RTP is 95.00%, and the game does not feature progressive Jackpot.

Dragon Hunter Slot Machine Paytable

Dragon Hunter Slot Machine Paytable

Dragon Hunter Bonus Round

Dragon Hunter has three different special features. You will see two bars at the bottom of the grid, one above another and something like a spiral from their left side. When these to bars fill up, you can be sure that your next winning combination will land either doubled or multiplied by a random factor. When the spiral fills up, it is time to spin the big wheel of multipliers or Dragon fight games. If you win a Dragon fight game from the fortune wheel, then you will have the rare chance to show your medieval skills and slay a dragon for an excellent money reward.

The bars and the swirl gauge will fill up every time you land a winning combination, which means that the game naturally creates increased volatility. The more you win, the faster you will fill those bars, and as a result, more wins will follow. This model is supposed to provide high volatility and quite exciting sessions.

You will not wait a lot before one of the two bars fills up, but the swirl gouge will take a little bit longer. Payout is exceptionally up to your luck, and what multiplier you will be able to hit or if you successful y kill the dragon for a money reward. Even though the game is easy and you should win your payout, some players get out of the bonus game with empty hands and no compensation.

Feature Spinner

  • Sticky Wild - one of the bottom row symbols is cnverted to wild.
  • Expanding Wild - all symbols in one of the columns are converted to Wild symbols.
  • Dragon Fight - a feature game with an extra prize.

Dragon Hunter Slot Machine Feature Spinner

Dragon Hunter Slot Machine Dragon Fight

Dragon Hunter Bonus Wild

Dragon Hunter Bonus Game

Dragon Hunter Bonus Game

Dragon Hunter Bonus Game

Dragon Hunter Bonus Game

Dragon Hunter Bonus Game

Dragon Hunter Bonus Game

Dragon Hunter Slot Machine FAQ

Where can I play Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter slot is available at the big online gambling rooms as it is considered as an exotic slot machine by a Japanese provider.

What is the Dragon Hunter RTP rate

Dragon Hunter RTP is 95.00% but it is highly subjective. This percentage does not take into account that the dragon fight bonus game is based on skill which may increase the winning ratio up to 97.00%. Dragon Hunter has very solid base game payouts table.

Does Dragon Hunter come with a special bonus round

Yes, the game has three different special features. One of them could unlock a bonus game where you will be required to fight a dragon for a solid money reward. Kill it and it is yours.

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