Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Highest n Avg Score in IPL


In this article, we will be discussing the significance of this stadium as an IPL venue, its facilities, and the capacity of this ground for the fans to witness the live-action, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium highest score in IPL records, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium average score in IPL, matches scheduled at this stadium, and the prediction for those matches.

The Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium is the birthplace of many international players who became famous through this ground and this city. The political attachment of this stadium makes it an obvious love for the fans of Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Highest n Avg Score in IPL

Significance of Rajiv Gandhi Stadium as an IPL Venue

Rajiv Gandhi Stadium as an IPL venue has many significant values. There is a great political history to understand why this stadium is important for the people of Hyderabad and for the fans of Sunrisers. The stadium has a lot of significance just because of its fans who are known as the ‘Orange Army’ and they fill the stadium with the orange color. Their passion for the team and matches makes the stadium go crazy.

There have been a lot of excellent games being played at this venue. The stadium finds some significance in the century of David Warner who bullied the bowling of Kolkata in the 2017 season. There have been a lot of unforgettable moments which are attached to this stadium.

Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium highest score in IPL, Records, and Trivia

Sunrisers Hyderabad, the home team has scored the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium highest score in IPL which is 231. The Sunrisers are very chaotic when they are in form and they can not forgive any bowling up on a given day. The record score came in 2019 against the bits and pieces bowling team of Royal Challengers Bangalore.

David Warner scored 126 runs against Kolkata Knight Riders in the 2017 edition of IPL which is Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium highest score in IPL by an individual player.

The lowest total at this stadium is scored by Delhi Daredevils against the host team which is obviously the ‘Orange Army’ and they were brutal with their bowling unit. The score was 80 and the incident happened in the year 2013. There is a reason that the Orange army can not forgive any opponent with the strength of their bowling. They are unplayable. They had the privilege of having elite bowlers of world cricket in their team.

They had the guns like Styen as their leading bowler. The batters of Delhi were clueless in that particular match when they scored the lowest total at this stadium. An all-time leading run scorer at this stadium is David Warner who has been a very key player for the Risers. He had played some very fine knocks for the team.

The farewell of David Warner has not been amazing. He was benched from the playing eleven for many matches. But he owned this ground with the tons of score and his skills and temperament. The leading wicket-taker at this stadium is none other than the swing master of Sunrisers Hyderabad B Kumar. He has been a key player for the team.

He has bowled some excellent opening spells for the team with his skills and effort. He has taken 42 wickets at this ground. The record of highest individual score is held by the son of Hyderabad David Warner who scored 126 unbeaten against the franchise of Kolkata. It was 2017 when the bashing of Kolkata Knight Riders happened. 

Hyderabad Stadium Capacity and Facilities

This stadium has the facility of hosting more than 55,000 fans for a match. This capacity is very huge and this capacity makes this stadium one of the largest stadiums in the country in terms of capacity. The orange army sets the stage on fire with its presence in the stadium. Their support for the team makes the contests very very passionate.

They are one of the best and most loyal fans in the history of IPL. They have supported this team through thick and thin. Their presence makes the players feel good and they feel confident in themselves. They play very good cricket and it is just because of fans and their support.

The facilities here are very good as they provide every necessity to the fans as well as the players. There are very good stands and there are very good sitting facilities for the fans and broadcasters.

Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium Highest n Avg Score in IPL

Pitch Behavior & Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium average score in IPL

The pitches have been found to behave variably as they offer bounce and spin to the bowlers. Their pitches offer a very good bounce which also helps the batters to stroke some good shots when they bat. As time progresses, the spin action comes into play and they become very spin-friendly with the use of the pitch.

The pace bowlers like Dale Steyn used to get very good bounce here and he tested the skills of many batters with his pace and bounce. B Kumar got the advantage of bowling very passionate spin bowling.

Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium average score in IPL in the first innings is 160 which clearly shows there is help for bowlers on the pitch. However, when it comes to chasing down a target, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium average score in IPL while chasing is 171.

Matches scheduled at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium

As per the latest reports, the following are the matches which are scheduled at this stadium. All the matches scheduled here are very tough. They will provide a very amazing contest for the fans of cricket. The teams are very challenging. It will be a pure treat for the fans here.



Home Team

Opposition Team


27 March, 2024

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Mumbai Indians


05 April, 2024

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Chennai Super Kings

Prediction for the scheduled matches at Hyderabad stadium

Predictions for the upcoming matches can be very difficult for every cricket pundit. Both the visiting teams are looking very dangerous and they have done a very decent job at the auction table.

They will test the host advantage of Sunrisers Hyderabad. So, the contests are going to be very interesting. The bowling and batting departments of Mumbai Indians are settled.

If they manage to win the toss and bowl first, they will look to restrict the host to Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium average score in IPL around 160.

The magicians of Chennai are also ready and they will also look for the win here with passion and aggression. It is going to be very hard for the risers to take down these two teams at the beginning of the tournament.