IPL Match 34 Prediction: When Lucknow Meets Chennai


IPL Match 34 Prediction: When Lucknow Meets Chennai, A Nail Biter Expected

The IPL match 34 Prediction will be played between five times champion Chennai Super Kings and newly-entrant Lucknow SuperGiantson Friday (April 19) in the home ground of Lucknow.

The game is expected to go down to the wire as it will not have any added advantage for either side. The conditions of Chennai and Lucknow are very much like-for-like, and CSK will be fine playing on Lucknow's slowish and sluggish surface, which slows down as the game progresses.

IPL match 34 Prediction

IPL Match 34 Prediction: KL Rahul Needs To Step Up

The IPL match 34 Prediction will ensure that top Indian players are on the screen. We all know that Indian cricket has never been short of a pool of talented players that make you feel wow, but how much they step up in challenging situations determines the greatness they deserve.

The ability of KL Rahul is unparalleled, but the performance in testing times sometimes remains a question mark.

Regarding talent, he is second to none because he plays shots that awe-struck anyone with wonder. The home team needs to see their captain get some runs and get them in a stamping authority.

IPL Match 34 Prediction: KL Rahul Needs To Step Up

The strike rate of Lucknow's skipper has been a point of discussion because that gets slowed down on certain occasions. The right-hander is striking at 138 in this competition on the back of 204 runs in six games.

These are decent stats for a batter emerging into the ranks and wanting to establish himself, but for someone as adventurous as KL, these numbers will only amuse a few as the bar of expectations is very high.

On current form and circumstances, it is doubtful that the right-hander will make it to the starting World Cup XI and might even miss the flight for the members of 15.

With time, the way T20 cricket has evolved, anchoring the innings has become so old-fashioned, and it doesn't matter how the conditions are, batters take the aerial root in the powerplay and the same is expected from the right-hander.

IPL Match 34 Prediction: Players to watch out for.

The players mentioned below will be important in clinching two points for their respective teams.

Ravi Bishnoi

Whenever the game is played on surfaces like Lucknow or Chennai that slows down as the game goes on, it is more likely that spinners will have more impact than anyone else.

Ravi Bishnoi is a very clever cricketer with a fair idea about the lengths he needs to bowl at different surfaces.

The 23-year-old leggie is quicker through the air and gets on top of the batters more often.

He will be crucial to stopping the flow of runs in the middle overs, where teams like to take on the spinners, and he is a challenging hit away.

LSG management has shown a lot of confidence in his bowling, so he bowls in the most challenging situations for his side and makes things happen every time he comes in.

The youngster is knocking on the door of the Indian cricket selectors, and what little opportunities he got in national colors, he has not disappointed at all.

The leggie will be testing the batting of CSK once again and will keep asking them the questions. The match-up against Shivam Dube will be one to watch out for because a left-hander loves to take chances against a leg spinner.

Kl Rahul

Kl Rahul is a player who needs one good inning to get back to his natural best, and he is more than capable of putting up a show against Men in Yellow on his home ground.

His strike rate has improved in the last couple of games in the powerplay, where he batted with much more intent, a change everyone would embrace.

The home side's skipper has the skill set to play longer in innings and is agile enough to play quality spinners in the middle overs.

The IPL record of this bloke is mind-blowing, as most of his seasons end up over 600 runs.

Lucknow would be satisfied seeing him return to form; the other batters are already doing considerably well for the home side.

Shivam Dube

If there is one batter that everyone has loved watching bat till now, it has to be Shivam Dube; my word, the left-hander has been striking on a different level right now.

Telling everyone that if his name is not in the 15-member Indian squad, it's Men in Blue's loss and not his.

Shivam Dube

T20 cricket is all about playing the players who are in great form currently and don't think there is much space for playing out reputations.

The 30-year-old all-rounder would love to continue his excellent form in the away fixture at Lucknow.

He has not bowled much in the competition for CSK but can be handy for a couple of overs if needed in the middle overs.

Players like him give a versatile balance to any T20 side as it adds the option of 6th bowler whenever needed. 

IPL Match 34 Prediction: Match Prediction

In the IPL match 34 Prediction both teams havING similar home conditions and will have a test of skill set at home ground of Lucknow.

CSK is coming into this game after demolishing their biggest rival, Mumbai, in their home, whereas LSG had to bear a one-sided loss at the hands of KKR.

The Men in Yellow, with more in-form batters than the home side, would start this game as favorites.

A win here for CSK would strengthen their position in the top four of the table, and they have already won four games from the six fixtures.

LSG would have to sort out their over-dependency on a few overseas batters, and local batters must contribute more.

CSK has been a team that has a winning mindset and has been led well by a young skipper, Ruturaj Gaikwad.

Their ace spinner Ravindra Jadeja would love the conditions of Lucknow, and even their fast bowler Mustafiz wields handful of stock balls on the sluggish surfaces, a bit like the one expected to be on Friday evening.

All these things favor CSK as much, and they will likely add two more points against their name from the fixture.