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Online Baccarat Winning Formula Ep3: How to Choose The Best Baccarat Room

Online Baccarat Winning Formula Ep3: How to Choose The Best Baccarat Room

When playing online Baccarat, choosing the right room to join is crucial if your goal is to increase your win rate. It's important to have a clear understanding of the risk level in each room before deciding where to play.

How to Choose The Best Baccarat Room Game Introduction

Continue for Online Baccarat Winning Formula Ep 1 and Online Baccarat Winning Formula Ep2, now we are going to discuss a concept called vision. When playing Baccarat on an online gambling site, how does one choose which room to join? While it's tempting to rely on the appearance of the dealer or the overall atmosphere of the room, if your goal is to increase your chances of winning, it's important to have a clear understanding of the room's risk factors. This is a key component of any successful Baccarat winning formula for online Baccarat players.

Online Baccarat Winning Formula Ep3: How to Choose The Best Baccarat Room

Basic Baccarat Road Concept

In Baccarat, players rely solely on the house's list of roads as a reference. This list displays the history of the winning side in the game.

Identifying a winning road from the list of roads is not only important for formula players, but it is also crucial for anyone who wishes to win in Baccarat, regardless of their preferred method.

Card counting can only increase our winning rate to a certain extent, so we need to place bets based on the road we identify. The difference in results between those who bet randomly and those who bet based on identified roads will be significant.

Before combining card counting with the road lists, let's first take a look at the classic road identification method.

Online Baccarat Winning Formula 1: Main Road

The term "main road" is used to describe the content of this Baccarat road map. To keep track of the main road, we need to document the outcomes of each past game. When the dealer wins, mark it with red; when the player wins, mark it with blue; and if it's a tie, mark it with a slash. If there are back-to-back ties, mark them with slashes and number them for future reference.

Online Baccarat Winning Formula 2: Pop the Road

This refers to the road list recorded using the Main road method. Recording starts from the second row of the second column. If there was no dealer or player winning at that position, recording starts at the first row of the third column. There are three criteria we need to consider when examining the road: "tidy," "poppy," or "straight fall."

Online Baccarat Winning Formula 3: Side Road

The side road is initiated from the second row of the third line, and if there is no record of a dealer win, player win, or draw, it begins from the first row of the fourth line. The identification criteria for the side road are identical to those of popping the road.

Online Baccarat Winning Formula 4: Pearl Road

The Pearl Road displays the game record using pearls of different colors. Red pearls represent the dealer's wins, blue pearls represent the player's wins, and green pearls represent ties. When a pair occurs, a dot is placed on the corresponding square. The bottom-left of the square indicates that the pair belonged to the dealer's hand, while the bottom-right indicates that the pair belonged to the player's hand.

Online Baccarat Winning Formula 5: Yueyoe Road

The Yueyue road begins on the second row of the fourth line, or if there are no results, it starts on the first row of the fifth line. The criteria we need to follow are identical to those used for identifying patterns in the poppy road. This is an essential aspect of the Baccarat Winning Formula, particularly for online Baccarat players who want to increase their chances of winning.

Choosing an Online Baccarat Room

When playing online Baccarat, whether to join a room with more or fewer players is not a straightforward decision. The optimal choice depends on the strategies that a player intends to use during the game. In this regard, it is helpful to examine the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Online Baccarat Winning Formula 6: How to Choose an Online Baccarat Room

To begin with, the number of players in a room affects the amount of player information available to us. Having more players in a room provides us with more opportunities to observe their actions during each hand dealt. This allows us to analyze their strategies, and win rates, and consider adjusting our own. These advantages are the benefits of choosing a room with more players. Conversely, selecting a room with fewer players means that we do not have access to as much information.

On the other hand, many players tend to choose a room with fewer players because it offers smoother processing of bets. When there are fewer bets to process, the chances of encountering system lag are reduced, which in turn reduces systematic risks. However, we should bear in mind that if we are new to the game, it is better to start with a room with more players. As beginners, we need to learn from others as quickly as possible to develop our playing strategy.

Online Baccarat Winning Formula 7: Is it Always Good to See Consecutive Same-Side Winnings?

We have now covered most of the strategic knowledge so far, including point counting, betting opportunities, recording methods, and reading the roads. Next, we will focus on whether it is advisable to enter a room that shows consecutive same-side winnings.

In short, once we have entered a room, we should ignore any consecutive same-side winnings that occur during the game. However, whether we should enter a room with consecutive same-side winnings depends on the number of rounds played.

According to the Baccarat Winning Formula, if a room has less than five rounds or more than ten rounds of consecutive same-side winnings, we should ignore it. This is because these rounds provide no mathematical reference value for the previous or future games.

Therefore, we should target a room that shows between five to ten games of consecutive same-side winnings. This may increase our chances of winning and boost our confidence in playing the game.

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