3 Types Of Collusion in Poker You Can Perform

3 Types Of Collusion in Poker You Can Perform

When skill gaps are minor, outcomes in poker can be attributed to luck. To mitigate this, players employ a unique strategy known as collusion poker. Today, we'll explore collusion poker types and the criticism surrounding this approach.

3 Types Of Collusion in Poker Game Introduction

Hello, I believe that many of you have been immersed in the poker table for a long time, and more or less have a good understanding of several prevailing strategies, such as the range of starting hands corresponding to positions, the range of post-flop actions that can be taken after the flop, as well as the differences between offline tables and tournaments.

3 Types Of Collusion in Poker You Can Perform

When the difference in skill levels among players is not too great, sometimes winning or losing is simply a matter of luck. However, in order to reduce the volatility caused by this uncontrollable factor, some players have come up with a special way of playing, which is Texas Hold'em team play.

Today, we are going to take a detailed look at types of collusion poker, and why some people look down on collusion poker game strategy.

What Is Collusion Poker

Texas Hold'em team play refers to the situation where players at the table are from the same group and can share hand information to achieve various goals such as narrowing down opponents' hand ranges, signaling bet amounts, and targeting and eliminating other players to profit. In short, it's about outnumbering and bullying the weaker players.

But how do they do it? The easiest way to form a Texas Hold'em team is through online poker apps, especially in cash table games. These apps are like hunting grounds for collusion poker groups. Some apps that used to have a good reputation have lost many regular players due to the prevalence of collusion.

So let's take a look at how these players collaborate in Texas Hold'em team play to share hand information, signal bet amounts, and target players.

Types Of Collusion In Poker: Hand Information Sharing

If it's an online poker app for Texas Hold'em team play, the simplest way is for multiple players to log into the same table and see each other's hands, thus eliminating some possible hand information about opponents.

As for offline Texas Hold'em team play, it may require the use of gestures or codes to communicate. Some players even arrange for accomplices off the table. The player first reveals their hand information, which is then recorded by someone off the table and transmitted back through an earpiece. Since most venues do not prohibit players from wearing headphones, it is sometimes difficult to determine if someone is part of a collusion poker group.

Types Of Collusion In Poker: Signaling Bet Amounts

Sometimes, when some players in the collusion poker group have lower chip amounts due to certain actions, players with higher chip amounts may create situations to enter pots together with the group, and then look for opportunities to bluff to signal bet amounts to each other.

The main reasons for signaling bets to each other are as follows:

  1. Maintain the maximum number of people who can obtain information to accurately determine opponents' hand combinations.
  2. The more Texas Hold'em collusion groups in the money circle, the higher the potential profit.
  3. When there are skilled players at the table, giving the chips to the group in a favorable position can increase the chances of winning.

Types Of Collusion In Poker: Targeting Players in Poker Game

The last types of collusion in poker is to target players in poker game, in front we mentioned signaling the bets, and many reasons for this is because of the unbalanced of the chips we have in hand.

Usually to target other players, the front player will make a raise first, and after the targeted player in the back makes a move like call or raise, we can determine the card range that player has, and the collusion poker player after that targeted player can go in and 3 bet that player.

Types Of Collusion In Poker Conclusion

Therefore, if you discover a team of collusion poker players in an offline game, it is advisable to promptly leave the table to avoid unnecessary losses. This is because they have access to more information than you do, and their larger numbers increase the uncertainty of the pot.

So, if you suspect collusion in Texas Hold'em, it's best to leave or distance yourself from the game to prevent potential harm.

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