JILI Fishing Games

Jili Bombing Fishing Game Demo

Jili Bombing Fishing Game Demo

Bombing Fishing Game JILI, a simple and enjoyable game where you shoot at targets. Small fish offer lower payouts but are easier to hit. Larger targets yield higher rewards but require more shots and investment. Dive into the Bombing Fishing demo for free to grasp the game rules better!

Bombing Fishing Game Introduction

Bombing Fishing Game is a shooting game from JILI gaming. You can learn how to play bombing fishing on this page and also play the bombing fishing demo. The function of the game is quite different from other fish shooting games. Bombing Fishing is a simple and fun game where you have to shoot at targets, small fish are the least paid, but the easiest to overcome, the bigger goal is higher according to the payout table, but the bigger the target you will spend more shots, so it will be more cost. You have the opportunity to try the game in demo mode before playing in the casino.

Bombing Fishing Demo Free Play

You can play the Bombing Fishing Demo here for free! Try out the Bombing Fishing Demo right now before you start playing with real cash money.

Bomb the fish for the ultimate prizes, Bombing Fishing is here to make you rich! Innovative gold bomb and torpedo modes are available, launch the gold bombs to bombard the fishing grounds. Release the torpedoes for powerful attacks and kill the targets with no sweat. The game has added more functions to the game and has made graphics to make the fish look more like a cartoon character.

Bombing Fishing Game Demo - How to Play JILI Fishing

Bombing Fishing Game Models

The BOMBING FISHING game have three rooms to choose and different features as follows:

  • Joy Hall: 0.1 – 10 Room only feature is Immortal Ocean King.
  • Regal Hall: 1 – 80 Room specific features are Awaken Boss, Free Nuclear Bomb and Bounty Game.
  • Golden Hall: 10 – 100, room-specific features are Awaken Boss, Free Nuclear Bomb and 1200x Bounty Game prize.

Bombing Fishing Game rooms

Bombing Fishing Jili Game Interface

Bombing Fishing Game Interface

How To Play Bombing Fishing

Building upon the basic introduction to Bombing Fishing game, let's delve into how to play bombing fishing. It's incredibly simple! Just follow these steps to swiftly immerse yourself in the thrilling world of jili Bombing Fishing:

  1. Understand the Targets: In Bombing Fishing, targets consist mainly of fish with different sizes and payout values. Smaller fish are easier to hit but offer lower payouts, while larger fish yield higher rewards but require more shots to eliminate.
  2. Use Your Weaponry: Bombing Fishing provides players with various weapons to shoot at targets. These weapons include standard shots, special weapons like the Golden Bomb, and the Torpedo launcher for targeting large fish.
  3. Aim and Shoot: Use your mouse or touchscreen to aim at the fish you want to target, then click or tap to shoot. Pay attention to the movement patterns of the fish and adjust your aim accordingly.
  4. Utilize Special Features: Take advantage of special features like the Golden Bomb, which causes a small-scale explosion with the chance to kill any type of fish, and Torpedoes for targeted attacks on larger fish.
  5. Watch Out for Bonus Opportunities: Keep an eye out for bonus features like the Bounty Game, where catching specific crabs can trigger bonus rounds with the chance to win significant prizes.

Bombing Fishing Game Features

After you learn how to play bombing fishing game, here are the Bombing Fishing Jili game features, you can learn about them all for playing the real cash game!

Special Fish

Bombing Fishing Game Special Fish

Drill Bit Lobster

Once shot, the Drill Bullet will penetrate through the fish and eventually explode. Fishes killed in the process will be summed together as the final multiplier. (If disconnection occurs, you can get the amount corresponding to your current score, but the game state will not be kept)

Thunder Consecutive

Lightning Chain and killing Super Bomb Crab will trigger area attacks, with a chance to catch fish within the blast radius.

Special Weapon

Bombing Fishing Game Special Weapon

Use Golden Bomb deduct the bet times 50 to cause a small scale explosion in the fishing ground, with a chance to kill any type of fish.

Deep Sea Fish

Bombing Fishing Game Deep Sea Fish

Use Special Weapon to kill Deep Sea Fishes for a chance to win Deep Sea Pearls, a multiplier up to 666.


Bombing Fishing Game Torpedo

Click Torpedo to switch to the Torpedo launcher, then click on a large fish on screen to attack, each shot deducts the bet times 10.

Immortal Boss

Bombing Fishing Game Immortal Boss

When the immortal boss appears on the court, the player has the opportunity to winthe prize continuously boss leaves.

Immortal Ocean King Multiplier Puffer

Bombing Fishing Game Immortal Ocean King Multiplier Puffer

Multiplier Puffers are Immortal Boss, shooting them has a chance to increase their sizes, larger the size, higher the prize.

Awaken Boss

Bombing Fishing Game Awaken Boss

Killing Ocean Kings has a chance to trigger Power Ups, which gives high multiplier prizes.

Bounty Game

Bombing Fishing Bounty Game

When you catch a Bounty Crab, you can roll a die, rolling BONUS will trigger the Bounty Game.

You have multiple free laser cannon charges in the Bounty Game, Catch crabs for huge prizes, and reward up to 1200 times. (Joy Hall up to 600 times)

Free Nuclear Bomb (Joy Hall chips games uses Golden Bombs)

Bombing Fishing Game Free Nuclear Bomb

  1. When the player fires, they will accumulate energy. Once full, they can press the button to release a free nuclear bomb and attack in a wide range.
  2. The energy meter uses bet ratio for conversion, release of free Nuclear Bombs is calculated using the bet at that moment.
  3. Three minutes after the player leaves or the game is disconnected, the energy will be cleared.
  4. If the energy meter has been full for 3 minutes, the system will automatically use it.
  5. The Bombing Fishing Jili game and Bombing Fishing demo have the same setting.

Bombing Fishing Game Payout

The Bombing Fishing Jili Game Payout comes from hunting 29 kinds of fish in the game, including normal and special fish. For all payout rates are as follows:

General Fish

Bombing Fishing Game Payout

  • Payouts x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10, x11, x13, x15, x20, x25, x30.

Golden FIsh

Bombing Fishing Game Payout

  • Payouts x35, x40, x45.

Functional Fish

Bombing Fishing Game Payout

  • Thunder Consecutive payout x50 – x70x.
  • Serial Bomb Crab payout x60 – x80x.
  • Drill Bit Lobster payout x20 – x80.

Immortal Boss

Bombing Fishing Game Payout

  • Multiplier puffer payout x20 – x100.
  • Golden Toad payout x70 – x120x.
  • Lobster King Payout x90 – x150x.

Awaken Boss

Bombing Fishing Game Payout

  • Crystal Crab payout x80 – x200.
  • Fortune Turtle x100 - x250.
  • Golden Dragon payout x140 – x350x.

Bounty Game

Bombing Fishing Game Payout

  • Joy Hall Star Crab payout x10 – x30. Bonus Crab payout x200 – x600x.
  • Regal Hall and Golden Hall Star Crab Payout x10 – x45x. Bonus Crab Payout x200 – x1200x.

Bombing Fishing Jili, a fish shooting game. There are many species of fish for us to choose and shoot the type that we can't choose at all. You can also win prizes from lucky crabs with random payouts of up to 1200 times and for anyone who likes fish shooting games. For anyone interested in making money with Bombing Fishing Jili, the online fish shooting game of Esball eu. Try bombing fishing demo for Free or use any of our great Register Welcome Bonus. Just sign up and start playing in Esball Eu!

Bombing Fishing Game

JILL Bombing Fishing Game FAQ

Although we introduced the game features and how to play Bombing Fishing game, here are some commonly asked questions for Bombing Fishing Jili Game.

What is Bombing Fishing Jili Game?

Bombing Fishing is an exciting cartoon-style fish shooting game developed by JILI Gaming. It offers a unique gameplay experience where players shoot at various targets, with different fish sizes offering different payouts.

Can I try Bombing Fishing before playing with real money?

Yes, you can play the Bombing Fishing Demo for free to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and features before wagering real cash.

What are the key features of Bombing Fishing Jili Game?

Bombing Fishing includes special fish, weapons like the Golden Bomb, Deep Sea Fish with multiplier rewards, Torpedoes for powerful attacks, Immortal Bosses, and various bonus games like the Bounty Game.

How do the Special Fish in Bombing Fishing work?

Special fish like the Drill Bit Lobster and Thunder Consecutive offer unique gameplay elements, such as penetrating through fish with explosions or triggering area attacks to catch multiple fish.

What is the purpose of Torpedoes in Bombing Fishing?

Torpedoes allow players to target and attack large fish on the screen, with each shot deducting from the bet. They offer a strategic way to aim for bigger rewards.

What are Immortal Bosses and how do they affect gameplay?

Immortal Bosses present opportunities for continuous prizes, and shooting Multiplier Puffers can increase their sizes, leading to higher rewards.

What is the Free Nuclear Bomb feature in Bombing Fishing?

The Free Nuclear Bomb accumulates energy as players fire shots, which can then be released for a wide-ranging attack. The energy meter is cleared after three minutes of inactivity.

How does the payout system work in Bombing Fishing Jili Game?

Payouts in Bombing Fishing are based on hunting 29 types of fish, including normal, golden, and functional fish. Each type offers different payout rates, with bonuses available in various game modes.

Where can I play Bombing Fishing Jili Game for real money?

Bombing Fishing Jili is available for real money play on Esball EU, an online gaming platform. New players can take advantage of the Register Welcome Bonus to enhance their gaming experience.