Kabaddi Pro Team Intro: Bengaluru Bulls Stats & Performance


The Pro Kabaddi League is home to Bengaluru Bulls, a team hailing from Bangalore, Karnataka, and owned by Kosmik Global Media. With each passing season of the PKL, this star-studded squad has left an indelible mark on fans' hearts.

Despite their impressive record as one of the most successful teams in the league, they have struggled to maintain their early momentum throughout the entirety of the tournament. Nonetheless,

Bengaluru Bulls remains a formidable force in Kabaddi and a fan favorite across India.

All-Time playing 7 for Bengaluru Bulls:

Following are all-time playing Seven and their stats for Bengaluru Bulls.

Dharmaraj Cheralathan

Left Corner

Matches - 31, Tackle Points - 81

Pawan Sherawat

Left In

Matches - 81, Raid Points - 673

Manjeet Chhillar

Left Cover

Matches - 32, Total points - 229, Tackle Points - 91

Ajay Thakur


Matches -28, Raid Points - 201

Ashish Kumar

Right Cover

Matches - 83, Total Points - 157, Tackle Points - 111

Rohit Kumar

Right In

Matches - 79, Raid Points - 568

Mohit Chhillar

Right Corner

Matches - 14, Tackle Points - 14

Kabaddi Pro Team Intro: Bengaluru Bulls Stats & Performance

Bengaluru Bulls Overall Stats:

Team Stats
Team Raids 7573
Team Total Raid Points 3511
Successful Raids 2798
Team Super raids 99
Team Average raid points per match 15.72
Team Tackle Points 1730
Successful Tackles 1595
Team Average tackle points per match 9.73
Team total Points scored 5241
Team Total Points conceded 5846
Team DOD Raid Points 567
Team all-out inflicted 236
Team all-out conceded 203

Season-Wise Performance of Bengaluru Bulls:

The Bengaluru Bulls had a mixed bag of success throughout their seasons in the Pro Kabaddi League.

Season Rank
Season 1 4th
Season 2 2nd
Season 3 7th
Season 4 6th
Season 5 4th (B Zone)
Season 6 1st
Season 7 6th
Season 8 5th
Season 9 3rd

Bengaluru Bulls Team: Season 1

During the first season, the team displayed a promising start, but unfortunately only managed to secure fourth place in the PKL.

Despite having a great squad, they fell short of expectations and were unable to cross the finish line during playoffs. The team seemed to struggle as the season progressed, despite starting off with a bang.

Bengaluru Bulls Team: Season 2

Come the second season, however, the Bulls managed to improve their placement by two spots and clinched second place.

This was all thanks to star player Ajay Thakur who finished third as the highest raider. Dharmaraj Chelarathan and Manjeet Chillar also had an outstanding performance that powered Bengaluru toward the final match.

Despite playing exceedingly well throughout the tournament, they were unable to emerge victorious in a tough defeat against U-Mumba in the final round.

Kabaddi Pro Team Intro: Bengaluru Bulls Stats & Performance

Bengaluru Bulls Team: Season 3

The Bulls' third season was a disappointment as they failed to meet expectations following their near-perfect 2nd season. They ended up finishing in the 7th spot on the points table, managing only 14 points in the 14 games played.

Bengaluru Bulls Team: Season 4

In the subsequent season, they fell short yet again, finishing in 6th place and failing to qualify for the knockouts due to poor on-field decisions resulting in an early exit.

Bengaluru Bulls Team: Season 5

Season five of the PKL witnessed the division of teams into two groups based on geographical locations. Bengaluru was placed in Zone B and finished fourth in their group, ultimately missing out on the knockout stage.

Bengaluru Bulls Team: Season 6

However, the Bulls experienced a remarkable turnaround in season six. Once again, teams were segregated according to their geographical regions, and Bengaluru emerged as the leader of Zone B.

This impressive performance allowed them to qualify for the playoffs, where they defeated Gujarat Giants in a thrilling final to clinch their first-ever championship title.

The star player of this victorious campaign was undoubtedly Pawan Sherawat who amassed an impressive number of raid points throughout the season.

Kabaddi Pro Team Intro: Bengaluru Bulls Stats & Performance

Bengaluru Bulls Team: Season 7

During the seventh season of the Pro Kabaddi League, Bengaluru managed to secure the 6th spot in the points table. Despite qualifying for the eliminators, they were unable to advance further in the tournament.

Bengaluru Bulls Team: Season 8

However, this season seems promising for the Bengaluru Bulls as they currently hold a strong position in 3rd place in the points table.

With a formidable team and all the necessary qualifications, they have a high chance of claiming victory in this tournament

Bengaluru Bulls Team: Season 9

In the 9th season of the KPL Bengaluru manage to set 3rd place in the points table. In contrast to their previous performance where they finished 5th and failed to win crucial matches during eliminators, this season seems like a fresh start for them.

The 9th edition of Vivo PKL in Bengaluru saw the Bulls start off with a bang. Playing in front of their home crowd, they remained unbeaten in five out of seven matches.

The second leg saw them continue their winning streak, securing five more victories after some nail-biting contests in Pune.

Their strategy of putting pressure on opponents helped them maintain a position among the top three teams in the standings.

Although they appeared sluggish during the final leg in Hyderabad, they managed to finish third at the end of the league stage.

The Bulls were dominant in winning the Eliminator but faced a crushing defeat in the Semi-final, marking an early exit from the tournament.

Bengaluru Bulls Current Squad:


  • Bharat
  • Vikash Khandola
  • GB More
  • Lal Manohar Yadav
  • Harmanjit Singh
  • Nageshor Tharu
  • Neeraj Narwal


  • Aman
  • Mahender Singh
  • Rajnesh
  • Rohit Kumar
  • Saurabh Nandal
  • Vinod L Naik
  • Yash Hooda
  • Sudhakar Kadam
  • Mayur Kadam


  • Rahul Khatik
  • Sachin Narwal

Kabaddi Pro Team Intro: Bengaluru Bulls Stats & Performance

Head Coach:

The side is coached by Randhir Sherawat.

Bottom Line:

The Bengaluru Bulls is a dynamic and exciting Kabaddi pro team that has made a mark in the world of Kabaddi.

With a passion for the sport and a drive to succeed, the team has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Whether you are a die-hard Kabaddi fan or new to the sport, the Bengaluru Bulls promise to deliver a thrilling experience that you won't forget. So join us on our journey and experience the excitement of Kabaddi like never before.