Pro Kabaddi Top Raider Pardeep Narwal famous as “Dubki King”


Pardeep Narwal is an all-time Pro Kabaddi top raider due to his stellar performances over the years in the Pro Kabaddi leagues. He holds the record for most raid points in the History of the PKL.

Pardeep Narwal: Pro Kabaddi Top Raider

Pardeep Narwal is the Pro Kabaddi top raider of all time. With a staggering highest 1577 raid points in the history of the Pro Kabaddi League, he is also the fastest player to reach the milestone of 1000 raid points in PKL.

No doubt, he is a legend at the very young age of 27 and also won back-to-back three Pro Kabaddi Leagues due to his performance in those seasons. Pardeep Narwal was unstoppable in those seasons and this makes him the Pro Kabaddi top raider.

Pro Kabaddi Top Raider Pardeep Narwal famous as “Dubki King”

Quick Biography of Pardeep Narwal:

Full Name Pardeep Narwal
Nickname Dubki King
Date of Birth February 16, 1997
Birthplace Rindhana, Sonipat, Haryana, India
Age 26 years (as of 2023)
Parent Dharambir Narwal (Father), Birmati Devi (Mother)
Spouse Swati Beniwal
Children Garvit Narwal (Son)
Sport Kabaddi (standard style)
Known as Top Raider of Pro Kabaddi

Early Life of Pardeep Narwal:

Pardeep Narwal, a Hindu Jat born on February 16, 1997, in Rindhana Village of Sonipat District in Haryana, India, was introduced to the sport of kabaddi at the age of seven by his uncle Ravindra Narwal.

His passion for the sport grew as he watched his village seniors compete at national-level tournaments. Pardeep played his first kabaddi tournament representing his school in U-11 and received training from Naresh Harwal at the Haryana Kabaddi Academy.

Pro Kabaddi Top Raider Pardeep Narwal famous as “Dubki King”

How did Pardeep Kabaddi's career start?

The discovery of Pardeep Narwal's talent in the world of kabaddi can be traced back to a local tournament in Haryana, where Randhir Singh Sehrawat, the coach of Bengaluru Bulls, was invited as a chief guest.

During one of the challenging raids, Sehrawat witnessed Pardeep's impressive skills and decided to train him for Pro Kabaddi. “He managed to escape from a tackle that seemed impossible. I realized that with some guidance, he could excel,” Sehrawat revealed in an interview with the Indian Express in 2016.

From there on, Pardeep Narwal's journey towards Pro Kabaddi top raider has been nothing short of remarkable.

He made his debut for Bengaluru Bulls against Patna Pirates in Season 2 of Pro Kabaddi and went on to win three titles with them. His ability to perform under pressure and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles has made him one of the most celebrated players in kabaddi today.

Pardeep Narwal's Rise to Pro Kabaddi Top Raider:

Pardeep Narwal, the Pro Kabaddi superstar, made his debut with Bengaluru Bulls before moving on to play for Patna Pirates in Season 3. He emerged as the top raider of the tournament with 116 raid points across 16 matches and went on to lead Patna Pirates to three consecutive Pro Kabaddi titles - a feat unmatched by any other team in the tournament.

Pro Kabaddi Top Raider Pardeep Narwal famous as “Dubki King”

Why Pardeep is known as Dubki King?

Pardeep's signature move 'Dubki' earned him the title of 'Dubki King,' thanks to his flawless execution of this skill on the mat.

In Season 5, he broke all records by scoring an incredible 369 raid points in a single season and even etched his name in history books for scoring eight points in a single raid during an Eliminator against Haryana Steelers that year.

Although Pardeep's performance was slightly underwhelming during Season 6 when he could only manage to garner 233 raid points from 21 matches, he bounced back strong during Season 7 with a total of 302 raid points across 22 matches. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, his team failed to make it past the knockout stages.

As Pardeep got ready for Season 8, he parted ways with Patna Pirates and entered into an auction where U.P. Yoddha acquired him for a whopping sum of INR1.65 crores - making him the costliest Pro Kabaddi top raider ever in Pro Kabaddi history.

Pardeep Narwal is not only known as one of the most valuable players (MVP) twice (Seasons 4 and 5) but also hailed as the 'Record-breaker' Pardeep within the Kabaddi fraternity due to his outstanding achievements throughout his career.

Pro Kabaddi Top Raider Pardeep Narwal famous as “Dubki King”

Pardeep Narwal’s Career Achievements and Accolades:

Pardeep Narwal has an impressive record in the Pro Kabaddi League, having scored the highest number of points and completed eight points raid in PKL season 5 against Haryana Steelers. He was also named the Most Valuable Player for two consecutive seasons, 4 and 5.

Pardeep Narwal is a standout player in the PKL, holding multiple records such as making 51 points in a single match and 369 points in a single season. He has also achieved the highest points in a single raid and the most points in a single season.

Amongst the top 10 Pro Kabaddi top raiders, Pardeep Narwal stands out as one of the most successful players to have crossed over 1000 total earned points. His accomplishments extend beyond PKL with him winning both gold and bronze medals.

Pro Kabaddi Top Raider Pardeep Narwal famous as “Dubki King”

National Duty:

Pardeep Narwal was part of India’s national kabaddi team that won the Kabaddi World Cup back in 2016.

In addition to this achievement, he also won a bronze medal at Jakarta’s Asian Games held in 2018. Pardeep Narwal was part of India's winning team at the Asian Kabaddi Championship held back in 2017, as well as playing on their winning team at Dubai's Kabaddi Masters event back in 2018.

Recently he won Gold Medal at South Asian Games held last year (2019).

Pardeep Narwal’s Records:

  • Most points in a single raid (Pro Kabaddi League) – 8.
  • Highest points in a game as a raider (Pro Kabaddi League) – 34.
  • Most points in a single season (Pro Kabaddi League) – 369.
  • First Pro Kabaddi League player to reach the milestone of 1000 raid points.

Pro Kabaddi Top Raider Pardeep Narwal famous as “Dubki King”

Pardeep Narwal Stats in Pro Kabaddi League:

Season Year Team Total Matches Played Raid Strike Rate % Tackle Strike Rate % Total Points Earned
2 2015 Bengaluru Bulls 6 24 - 9
3 2016 Patna Pirates 16 62 38 121
4 2016 Patna Pirates 16 50 33 133
5 2017 Patna Pirates 26 63 - 369
6 2018 Patna Pirates 21 60 - 233
7 2019 Patna Pirates 22 67 67 304
8 2021-2022 UP Yoddha 24 54 - 188
9 2022 UP Yoddha 22 59 - 220

The physical appearance of Pardeep Narwal:

Height 5ft 10in
Weight 188 cm
Body Size 80kg (176lb)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

That’s all about a young and energetic raider who has multiple records and achievements to his name.